Hip Pain

I love walking and Wednesday had lots of it. The first leg was three hours to have lunch with my veterinarian daughter before getting a haircut. Then across unknown territory back to the Bow River valley to visit with my favorite tree, a 156 year old Douglas Fir named Ashram on the south bank of the river valley. Then downtown to watch the Calgary Flames lose an important game and likely miss the playoffs.
I consulted no maps for the trek across unknown territory, just kept the sun in approximately the right place and ‘followed my nose’; a process in which each choice is made by checking in with my guides who have been asked in advance to take me on the best available route to Edworthy Park; and from there, I well know my way to Ashram. The river valley has several levels and exiting the housing on the top level to cross the freeway traversing the top part of the valley was the tricky part. My guidance said to take a switchback servicing the last row of housing overlooking the valley. Sure enough, a small gap in the housing existed and I made my way on a little used path down a steep slop to the unfenced freeway, crossed and was overlooking a portion of the valley a kilometer or so before Edworthy Park. Another tricky decent was required and from there it was clear sailing to keep my appointment with Ashram.
I usually commune soul to soul with Ashram but on this occasion I had an agenda based on some internet information channelled from Merlin on how to clear energies with the help of trees. When I arrived, I greeted Ashram and asked if I could proceed with clearing energies through her and her root system into Mother Earth and Gaia’s spirit. I got the okay and went back up to the park bench to prepare. Soon I was back and began clearing the energies of duality which are very much ‘in the air’ with the plans afoot to arrest those insisting on maintaining the existing systems of duality. Part of the process was to send these people love and compassion as what they deem near and dear is being taken from them. The other part was to ground negative and dualistic energies through Ashram in an ever-widening circle that eventually included all of humanity and all of the planet. After this process was completed, I merged my aura with Ashram’s in a process that brings us both to oneness as co-creators journeying together on a shared timeline of oneness and abundance; then back to the park bench to meditate before thanking Ashram and continuing on my way.
I felt something in my right hip on the way down, especially on up-legs and after leaving Ashram with about an hour and a half of walking yet to go, the pain intensified to the point where I stopped and cleared any negative energy that had somehow been trapped. That helped a great deal but residual pain remained, not bad but noticeable. I sat through the game without pain but there it was when I stood to leave and on the walk to the car for the ride home. Yesterday was a quiet day and in the night came information that the pain was not mine, only passing through from sources associated with the work I had done with Ashram. Perhaps I am carrying too much weight (the weight of the world)? Perhaps I overstepped?
The pain had mostly passed through and I woke this morning knowing I should check out hip pain in Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life. ‘Carries the body in perfect balance. Major thrust in moving forward. Fear of going forward in major decisions.’
Yes, that covers the waterfront. Here humanity is on the brink of shifts unlike any in recorded history. Shifts that will forever alter the world in which we live and the ways we interact with each other and with Mother Earth our home in this universe. That is a major thrust forward and there is some vestigial fear in going forward. That is what I was clearing. I am holding space for this shift to come into our shared reality. No wonder my hip hurt.
Freedom for humanity…


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