A Working Knowledge of Sovereignty

When I began writing the blog in December 2009, I had little knowledge about sovereignty and did not consider it particularly important in respect to Ascension. A year earlier, I had taken the intention of understanding how the world currently worked and had attracted an education into the workings of those I call the ruling elite, those others call by various names such as the Cabal and the Illuminate.
Sovereignty or rather its lack kept popping up in that education of how the world operates and sovereignty also began to appear in my ongoing education about Ascension and humanity’s role in the process of Ascension. What was immediately obvious was that sovereignty was treated very differently in these two world views. In the view of the ruling elite sovereignty is very scarce and elusive. Only a few are sovereign in any endeavor and becoming sovereign is a difficult and elaborate process. In Ascension, everyone was sovereign; in fact sovereignty is a birthright.

We are currently embroiled in a process of taking back our power from the ruling elite. That is what the mass arrests soon to come are all about. The ruling elite and their chief henchmen are about to be arrested and the world of restricted sovereignty they created is about to end.
In order to be an informed player in this process, a working knowledge of sovereignty is highly desirable. Over a year ago I wrote a blog called Sovereignty on Earth and it is reprinted below:

Sovereignty on Earth
Posted on January 14, 2011 by freedom4humanity
A friend sent me a youtube link to David Williams and his interview with Patrick Timpone on One Radio Network about The Right of Self Determination. David Williams is a self made expert on constitutional law, especially as it relates to US citizens and successfully used that knowledge to create a sovereign corporation with the legal status of a sovereign country. He is busily promoting this knowledge and this success as a way out of the current enslavement that traps humanity.
In highly evolved societies, sovereignty is a settled issue. Each individual has sovereignty. There are few, perhaps no such societies left on earth. On earth, with our reengineered DNA keeping us in semi-consciousness and a powerful few targeting two classes of people, masters (the few) and slaves (the many), sovereignty has become a complex issue. Through case law created and managed by the few and still heavily influenced by the notion of the Divine right of Kings, sovereignty on earth is an extremely complex issue. David Williams estimates he has spent thirty thousand hours or fifteen years of forty hour work weeks studying the subject and that body of knowledge was the bases of his initiative to create a sovereign corporation immune from US tyranny. Essentially he followed the pattern used by the founding fathers of the United States.
In highly evolved societies common law prevails. The principle of common law is an intention to serve the people and the people cannot be served without individual sovereignty. Sovereignty for each individual means that no one can have sovereignty over anyone else, ergo, there are no masters and no slaves. In common law, the intention to serve the people is always paramount and when situations change, the law changes accordingly, fluid and flexible, always on target in accordance with the principle of serving the people and the principle of individual sovereignty. The dark invented an alternative to common law and it is called case law. Case law currently prevails in most legal jurisdictions here on earth including international law. Case law is based on what went before, on legal precedence. A ruling made hundreds of years ago forms precedence and binds courts and judges to the pattern it creates. Sovereignty on earth is rife with case law, much of it developed when the Divine right of Kings was commonly accepted.
Freedom does not exist without individual sovereignty. Anything other than individual sovereignty creates conditions where freedom is compromised and when freedom is compromised, it does not exist. Freedom becomes an illusion. None of us can be truly free unless all of us are free.
Ascension is coming, and there is nothing any human or group of humans can do to prevent it. Ascension is a Divine process, not a human process and its time has come or rather is coming. Free will is being honored for each of us so each of us gets to choose whether we Ascend or not, but because free will is being honored no one gets to choose for another. That means if you choose to Ascend, no one and nothing can stop you.
Individual sovereignty is a fact in the Ascended world. Purely and simply true. Each of us will be able to manifest our survival needs so we cannot be enslaved on that level; scarcity will no longer exist. Only those with a service to others orientation will be capable of Ascending, so exploitation of others will tempt very few in the Ascended world. Yes, there will be a learning curve and there will be lots of confusion initially and lots of challenges because that is what life is all about; however, slavery in all its forms and case law will be things of the past, consigned to the dust bins of the universe.

Editor’s Note: April 2012. Sovereignty in one timeline remains to be determined. That is the timeline for that portion of humanity that remains behind in the third dimension. What will be the rules of sovereignty for this portion of humanity? The ruling elite wanted their restricted version of sovereignty to remain in place. This is not going to happen with the mass arrests soon to come; however, what will take its place? That remains to be chosen.
My choice is to Ascend along with that portion of humanity who become the first wave of Ascended humans. Meanwhile as a member of third dimensional humanity, I would argue that anything less than individual sovereignty will create artificial roadblocks toward the eventual Ascension of all of humanity. As such, I will do my part to encourage individual sovereignty as a part of humanity’s third dimensional timeline.
Freedom for humanity…


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