Chemtrails (Geoengineering)

Yesterday was my sixty-fourth birthday and I was hoping the major shifts poised to be manifest into our shared reality would be initiated on that day. They are very close and this was a very distinct possibility but it did not happen and today dawns much as yesterday and the past couple of weeks with a palpable expectation of tipping into the Light. Soon, oh so soon.
Instead, what came to me on my birthday (aside from the many birthday well wishes and dinner out with my family) was an internet movie about chemtrails also known as geoengineering. This is the criminal practice of polluting our airspace with chemicals sprayed from jet planes.
In the fall of 2010 I was walking along the river bank near the university I attended in Saskatoon on a beautiful sunny day after visiting a sick friend in the hospital. It was very therapeutic except part way through I looked up and there was a chemtrail spewing out behind an overhead jet going all the way back to the eastern horizon and continuing as the jet flew high above. Normally a jet leaves a short vapor trail that soon dissipates as it is harmless water vapor but a chemtrail is different as it is some manmade substance being sprayed into the atmosphere for unpublicized purposes and it is much longer lasting. We have all seen them as it has been a common practice for the last few decades and becoming ever more pervasive as the ruling elite gets more desperate.
The movie was one hour and forty-seven minutes of depressing information showing some hotspots for current spraying under various cover stories such as reducing global warming. One particular hotspot for this activity is Mount Shasta in northern California. The chemical being used is primarily aluminium or rather its oxidized form and the snows on Mount Shasta this year have over 60,000 units of aluminum when 1000 is the limit at which grave concern is expressed. Of course this will all end up in the water systems and soils with devastating results. Why Mount Shasta? The ruling elite well know it to be a powerful energy vortex and their hope is to disrupt it with their spraying and prevent the changes soon to come. Other hotspots are Los Angeles and at least one of the Hawaiian Islands, also huge vortexes for earth and for humanity.
I went to bed angry as hell as in ‘We’re not going to take it anymore’ and woke with a strange sense of calm. Sure enough information came to me during my morning routine of checking my inbox and learning from what is sent my way. The connections to the vortexes was there for me along with channelled information from helping extraterrestrials essentially saying the mass arrests of the criminals responsible for these and other enslavement actions is very near and…technologies exist to clean up any number of messes created over the last thirteen thousand years that the dark has ruled humanity and exploited the planet on which we live.
We can put down the latest round of chemtrails and the focus on various vortex centers as a last ditch attempt by the ruling elite to derail what they cannot derail and to prevent what they cannot prevent. Their days as rulers are numbered and that number is very small.
Soon the shifts begin in earnest. Soon the ruling elite will be arrested and incarcerated along with their key henchmen, the people who currently sit in government doing their bidding and the people who run the corporations carrying out their plans to subjugate humanity and exploit Mother Earth and the people running the world’s financial and banking systems who are systemically stealing from the many and putting the world’s wealth into the hands of the few. All of this is very close and the mass arrests set the stage for the beautiful and beneficial shifts that will follow. Some of these are: Disclosure of the helping extraterrestrials who are providing the muscle so that humanity can make these wonderful changes. Abundance technologies to end the current artificially imposed scarcity. For example, a friend told me yesterday he has scientist friends who have revived Tesla’s free energy technology but keep it secret out of fear. That is only the tip of the abundance iceberg and so much more is to come. Also pollution reversal technologies. Tesla made a start on this and they exist in wondrous profusion and will come to Light once the ruling elite are deposed. So…not to worry.
Freedom for humanity…


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