Wating for the Other Shoe to Drop

With the news about impending mass arrests of the ruling elite and their henchmen, this post I made last fall seems appropriate to reprint. I am filled with joy this morning that stays with me although the beautiful and beneficial shifts that will be ushered in following these arrests are not yet our shared reality. I am indeed, ‘Waiting for the other shoe to drop’ and waiting in joyful expectation as these shifts are palpable and very close.

Posted on November 18, 2011 by freedom4humanity
It is my belief that the era supporting duality ended as Calleman predicted on October 28th, 2011 three weeks ago today. If asked for proof within duality, none would be forthcoming and my case would be lost; but in the unseen world where Divine guidance is all important and oneness is the order of things, this information is well received and those ‘trying it on’ feel great resonance. In the unseen world where much comes to me through claircognizance, through a direct transmission from Divinity to my conscious mind which leaves no evidence procedure, this event happened everywhere in the known universe, everywhere that has origins in the ‘big bang’. It marks the end of expansion and the beginning of collapse as the universe begins its long journey back to Source and to oneness before a new cycle begins with another ‘big bang’. Duality is supported during expansion but has no support during contraction and thus disappears from the universe as oneness takes its place.
I can feel a marked difference in the ambient energy field that surrounds me and holds us all as we go about our collective reality here on earth. The collective reality still embraces duality but there is an artificiality involved in this that is very striking. A certain amount of artificiality was there before October 28th but it was like being a squatter on someone else’s property. Yes, in the world of common decency and in many other ways, I had every right to be there but according to the law, I did not and as a consequence, I lived very carefully so as not to offend anyone. October 28 was like a new law was passed and the land now had no owner and those living on it are entrusted with its stewardship. The old landlord is fighting this reversal and things are in limbo, but the situation has changed and my way of looking at the world and serving those around me is now preeminent.
The shift of October 28 is ‘fact’ to me. It made a loud noise in my world like someone dropping a shoe in the room above me in a cheap hotel. I heard it loud and clear and for me, it set up an expectation that the other shoe is about to drop. What is the other shoe?
The other shoe is the collapse of the ruling elite’s illusion of scarcity and of the various systems they have put in place over the years to exploit humanity and subjugate those they have caused to be disadvantaged. This shoe is going to make a lot of noise when it drops and our world is going to look very differently after this is done. Those currently ruling the world will be swept aside and great change will take place.
Our skies are currently filled with visiting space craft and extraterrestrials from various highly evolved civilizations from around our galaxy and perhaps beyond. These beings have a great deal of technology and they are willing, in fact eager, to share what they know with us. They come in service and their fondest hope is to assist us in the Ascension process soon to come and welcome us as a member of their federation. Transitioning into a society that honours individual sovereignty and targets to support everyone in living their life’s mission is all we need to do to quality for entrance into their Galactic Federation. That is the other shoe and it will make beneficial and beautiful change in all aspects of humanity’s interactions with each other and with Gaia, the spirit of earth – our home in the universe.
These ET’s offer their technology and their assistance without strings attached. All they request is an invitation to help and thus far, that invitation has been denied by those currently ruling the planet, by those I call the ruling elite.
Among the technologies available to us is access to free energy, the unlimited energy available from the fabric of space everywhere in the universe. Free energy powers their space craft and can be used anywhere, anytime but like sunlight, it cannot be taxed or controlled by the few. Other technologies manifest survival needs as required, so money becomes redundant as does exploiting our environment and the world’s resources. Sound like heaven on earth? That is what it is.
Freedom for humanity…


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