Speaking my Truth

As I wait for the mass arrests that will begin our shared reality’s shift from duality to oneness I have been given other work to do.
That work is related to the group that was formed by the leader I followed for about six months ending a year ago. The leader was promising rejuvenation among other things and formed an internet group so we could all get to know each other. As a member of that group I interacted in accordance with the guidance given me. The leader began taking offence so I entered into private negotiations with the leader offering to teach him how to lead without using authority and how to lead while treating others as individually sovereign. The leader declined my offer and changed my group status so that all my inputs to the group would filter through him. As a result I left the group. My choice was to only interact with group members who contacted me so I lost touch with many of my former friends from the group.
The universe was very supportive of my choice to leave the group and my subsequent choice to pursue rejuvenation and Ascension as a sovereign person rather than a follower. In the year since I left the group, a great deal of progress has been made and I will list some that seem germane.
1. A fuller understanding of a form of rejuvenation that serves all of humanity c/w multiple sources so rejuvenation is a birthright, rejuvenation pass codes exactly the same as for Ascension, and combining rejuvenation with the capability to update auras so people always have a purpose for living.
2. The soon to come mass arrests will usher in monumental change and clear the way for pioneering rejuvenation into our shared three D reality. Rejuvenation is incompatible with duality and cannot enter our shared three D reality until duality is ended and replaced with world governance that supports oneness. Oneness and rejuvenation are compatible.
3. The completion of my life lessons and an updating of my aura so I am in a position to devote my focus and attention more fully to rejuvenation and gifting rejuvenation to humanity.
4. The formation of a rejuvenation team composted of sovereign individuals who agree to be teammates for pioneering rejuvenation and gifting rejuvenation to the rest of humanity.

Members of the group I left formed a by invitation only Facebook group that has about ninety members and does not currently include the leader mentioned earlier. One of the members recently added me to this Facebook group. I contacted this person to learn her reasons for adding me and liked what she told me so I decided to interact with this Facebook group. I traveled and visited relatives over the Easter weekend and did little interacting but read all the new inputs to this group. They are by and large very loyal to the leader and his worldview and I began wondering whether I had made a mistake. I have no loyalty to the leader, in fact quite the reverse as I consider him lost in ego and touting a variety of self-serving inaccuracies.
This morning I asked for guidance in terms of handling this situation and was guided to simply speak my truth on the site. I began doing so this morning and we shall see where this leads. It is really nothing more than maintaining my sovereignty as it relates to the group and is essentially the same process I followed when a member of the larger group formed by the leader. In that group I was not allowed to freely speak my truth and I left as a result. That may be the outcome in this case or it may not. We shall see.
All I am responsible for is speaking my truth and doing so in a way that allows others to speak their truth and does not condemn anyone, including the leader for speaking theirs. If done properly, e.g. in the spirit of dialogue where the target is to understand another and then make our own choices, all will be well and the group and each member will be enriched by our interactions.
Freedom for humanity…


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