Releasing a Healing Opportunity

It was a cloudy cool day and my guides invited me to go for a walk, even showed me a place I was to stop at and spend a little time. The place is along the Bow River on a path and the spot was very treacherous over the winter months, a short section of a dirt trail overlooking the river. Most people bypassed it by climbing the river bank, crossing on a flat lawn and returning to the path on another part of the bank. My guides said it would be all right now and I should stay on the path.

I started out and the girl friend I met last May came to mind, the one suffering from arthritis. She lives two thousand miles away and we tried to do the long distance relationship thing but it did not work. In the weekend we were together, I was given information that I could help her heal and in fact get rid of her arthritis. Part of the deal was that she needed to invite me and together we could clear it, send it back to the earth to be transmuted into positive energy. Every time I brought this up, she would shut down. No explanation, no exploration, no dialogue. She would just go quiet and when I next heard from her it would be like I had not mentioned the subject until it came up again and the pattern would repeat. Between the lines I understood she was threatened by my offer to help and wanted to heal herself. More than once she told me she was a gifted healer and had healed herself of other ailments but ‘this one is different’ she would say, stronger and more resistant. Why not accept my help then? And she would shut down. I knew together we could do what needed doing but that neither of us acting alone could get it done. I found I was not interested in pursuing the relationship which is what she wanted to do; but I did want to complete the healing opportunity and when I forced the issue she ended our communications. I wanted to go deeper and she wanted to keep things on the surface. Not a very workable situation.

She was much in my thoughts as I walked and it came to me that I was to retrace our route to the place I was being shown as while she was here we had crossed over it on our way to a park bench on the other side. A few hundred yards before picking up the path we took it began to rain, cold sleety spring rain. I wondered if the path would remain safe in the rain and was told to continue and see. I was also told I was to stop at the place shown to me and release all of this, give it back to her and to Source and release it from my field. I continued on perhaps fifteen minutes and came to the place. By the time I got there I was wet and everything was soaked. The place looked quite passable as someone had done a little shoveling and what had been a steep slope with no purchase now had a foothold dug into the river bank. I crossed easily and realized I was to retrace my steps and stand there to release what needed releasing. This I did, thanking the higher powers for giving me this healing opportunity and releasing the opportunity back to Gaia and to Source. I also got information that if my former girlfriend truly wants to be healed she can now do it on her own. The new energies coming to the planet and the shifts to end the power of the ruling elite have empowered her to heal herself but there remains a level of surrender that she must achieve before this can happen. In doing all this, I released myself from the healing circle. I am no longer involved. I have released the healing opportunity. I will continue to hold space for the healing but I am no longer otherwise involved.

I continued on as the rain continued and it got colder with some snow mixed in with the falling rain. I came to the park we had visited and went to the bench where we had sat together. She had picked up a parasitic entity in a crystal shop in Thunder Bay, a stop in her trip to Calgary and she was having difficulties ridding herself of this entity. She accepted my offer to help and together we removed the entity from her. On the trip home together, the entity attempted to make me its new host and I refused, grounding the entity and it was gone. Today, I stopped in front of the bench where we had sat and addressed her, affirming the work we had done together and the fact that I was no longer in the healing loop. She is now empowered to heal herself should that be her continuing intention. Once the affirmation was completed, I continued home.

There is a concession building in the park and as I passed a woman on a smoke break said, ‘Caught in the rain, eh.’ ‘Yes’ I affirmed ‘and I am a long way from home.’ This is about the half way mark of a three plus hour round trip and by now I was really wet. On the way back I crossed a stretch of dirt in some new construction and fell hard on a sloping muddy section hitting my head, not hard enough to cause any damage, only a reboot after the releasing I had done.

The rain turned more and more to snow and by the time I got home, I was like a drowned rat, but happy with all that had transpired. Interesting times.

Freedom for humanity…


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