A Brother’s Anger

On the Easter weekend I visited family in Edmonton, a three hour drive from where I live in Calgary. On the Saturday, the day before Easter, I visited with my Mum as she hosted a family gathering at her home. Also attending was my brother who had driven from Regina, another prairie Canadian city. My brother is very good at asking questions and we play a game of sorts where I share my inner truth about the coming changes and he asks questions which I attempt to answer with utmost honesty, checking in with my heart wisdom while formulating these responses.
His questions are based on the premise that I am deluding myself and that change is not going to happen in the sudden and transformative way I imagine. He does not judge me particularly since he once lived what he considers to be a similar delusion based on a many year emersion in a form of fundamental Christianity and its end of the world doctrine that did not come to pass as predicted.
Part of my response is that my experience and his are very different but he is as yet unable to see that or unwilling to accept the differences I reference. He sees his former self as deluded and he sees my current self as similarly deluded. We usually drink during these sorts of exchanges but I am not drinking this year and stayed centered during our exchange. Near the end of the evening he lost it and his portion of the exchange turned acrimonious. My ride was leaving and as I prepared to go I said to my brother, ‘You are entitled to your opinion.’ He responded with anger flashing in his eyes, ‘Well, you are not.’ And there we left it.
I half expected an apology would follow as my brother is quite capable of apologizing but none has come and that last exchange along with the few minutes which led up to it stayed with me, not continuously but would come unbidden into my consciousness here and there as I tried to make sense of it. What had caused my usually lucid brother to snap like that? What was happening in his mind that works very similarly to my own to cause him to say something I know he knows is untrue and then not own it the next day or even the next week?
It came up again last night. My daughter just left on vacation and I was alone with my thoughts and last weekend’s exchange again came up unbidden and unresolved. It occurred to me that I had not forgiven my brother for this outrageous comment and that the greater good would be served by forgiveness. I began to apply what I teach others when they find forgiveness difficult. Essentially the major difficulty is willingness. Am I willing to forgive my brother? As I held that thought and experienced it my resistance melted away and I became willing to forgive.
The experience was transformed and I could step into my brother’s shoes and experience what it may have been like to be on his side of the exchange. Here is this older brother (me) who has been very competitive in all he has done and now he is making these outrageous claims about impending mass arrests of the world’s powerful and influential people. The changes he predicts have not happened and there is no evidence they are going to happen and yet he continues on this path and answers my questions without wavering. It makes me so angry and deep down I fear he is may be right. Listening and asking questions is not working, best go on the offensive.
I felt compassion for my brother and the hurt melted away. The entire experience was transmuted. We have been competitive for all these years and now I refuse to engage competitively and the old paradigms live on in my brother. Etherically I reached out and gave him a big hug. It will all change my friend, my brother, and soon. No apology is required. We are all one and you and I are long time fellow travelers in making this world a better place. You are not able to go there yet but you adapt very quickly and very skillfully and what I told you in our exchange will serve you well when the changes begin to happen.
Divine blessing to you my brother. We will soon travel together in helping others make the transition soon to come.
Freedom for humanity…


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One Response to A Brother’s Anger

  1. shanewinter says:

    Awesome, thanks John, I have learnt a new way to forgive others. I may have known, but was now awakened to it 🙂 In Love and Light.

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