A Glimpse of the Future

Ousting the ruling elite and disclosure are quickly becoming manifest as what is already reality in the unseen world knocks ever more loudly and insistently in our shared reality. An interview with someone known as Hugh-man answered many of my questions about how the shift will take place and what we can expect in the aftermath.
Timing? Soon, very soon but no date was given and none expected. One day it will all just begin with the arrests of the ruling elite and their henchmen and there will be no turning back. What will be used in the court cases to convict those arrested? Our supporting ETs have technology that makes video recordings anywhere including the safe houses and safe rooms used by the ruling elite when making their plans in what they believed to be complete confidentiality. These videos are incontrovertible evidence of any number of crimes.
What will happen after the arrests? Disclosure is not something I have talked much about in my blog but here is the rough outline. The helping ETs will come forth along with those among us who have worked most closely with them, people like Hugh-man and Sheldan Nidle as well as many others who like Hugh-man have flown under the media spotlight for many years. The media, long under the iron grip of the ruling elite will be freed with the arrests and the media will actually begin to report the truth. Novel concept don’t you think. Lol. A big part of our shared truth will be disclosure and ET’s will be on TV and reported in our papers as well as on the internet. Their space ships will end their cloaking technologies and become visible in our skies, not to just a few but to all of us. The ETs and their friendship with humanity will become common knowledge.
Rejuvenation? Hugh-man is slated to do a very public rejuvenation on TV. He is in his late sixties and will rejuvenate to be in his late twenties. This technology or way of being will be widely available. It has long been a personal interest of mine and I am already a member of a team targeting to manifest rejuvenation and make it freely available to all of humanity.
Abundance technologies? Many abundance technologies will be made available to humanity. Some are already being used by the ruling elite but kept secret from humanity in order to keep us under their control. Others are being gifted to us by our ET friends. Here are some of the key ones mentioned in the interview.
Free energy was brought to humanity about a century ago by Nikola Tesla but the ruling elite murdered him and falsified his equations. It is the energy used to power the space ships and is easily used to run our vehicles and power our homes. A thriving transition industry will be converting cars to run on free energy and using anti-gravity so no wheels and no gas will be required.
PCDs will be issued to everyone. Not sure what it stands for but it is a personal communication device (PCD…lol) that runs on free energy and is able to connect with anyone and translate their communications, no matter what language they speak to perfectly communicate their meaning in our preferred language.
Travel around the globe and beyond will be completely revolutionized as it will take place out of time and appear instantaneous. All completely safe and without negative side effects like jet lag. This was implied rather than expounded upon in the interview.
Survival needs will be instantly manifest which will end hunger and poverty in all its forms. People will no longer have to work to ‘earn a living’ as that will be provided. The ruling elite has had access to this technology for some time and you can bet they do not eat genetically modified foods, but that is only my editorial comment. Since people no longer have to work, they can participate in whatever way suits them to bring these technologies to humanity and serve those who have previously been disadvantaged.
And then there is fun. ET amusement parks and the ET form of fireworks with various messages in our skies using their ships and their technology.
Oh my. It is like being a kid back in the fifties when the Fair came to town with its rides and all the excitement. Only one difference. I don’t have a date circled on my calendar.
Freedom for humanity…


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