New News

The old news is I left a group targeting rejuvenation about a year ago. The main reason was irreconcilable differences with the leader of that group. Since making that choice, the universe has supported me in my intention to pioneer rejuvenation as a member of a team of sovereign people sharing a similar vision of becoming rejuvenated and spreading the gift of rejuvenation to the rest of humanity.
The new news is that I have been thrust back in touch with several members of the group I left. The form this has taken is inclusion in a by invitation Facebook group. I have begun to interact and speak my truth within this group, which is not complimentary to the leader; who is not a member of this Facebook group.
One group member struck up an email correspondence with me and in our sharing suggested that softening my stance in regards to the leader may serve the greater good. This writing is an exploration of that theme.
When I left a year ago this leader was well advanced in a program of promising rejuvenation and not delivering due to what he claimed was interference from the dark. He claimed the ability to clear this interference and would do a clearing in his omnipotent sort of way and still rejuvenation would not come forth. He claimed the level of interference kept escalating until it was from outside of the known universe. Meanwhile, he treated others including myself as less than his equal. I told him if he continued to treat me as less than an equal, I would leave and offered to teach him methods I had used successfully to lead as an equal. He asked for a proposal and we entered into a week or ten day negotiation which concluded with him declining my proposal and changing my group status so all my inputs filtered through him. This was certainly not being treated as an equal and I left.
‘Why not be the leader you want others to become and manifest rejuvenation yourself?’ asked the universe. ‘Okay’, I responded and that began a nine month training program in preparation. By January I was ready and created a team of sovereign people intending to pioneer rejuvenation and spread it to the rest of humanity.
Part of my training was the revival of a discernment practice that had been suspended during my six month stint of following this leader. In that practice, information requires an independent source of confirmation before being accepted as my truth. I found this leader failed that practice. There are lots of sources confirming his information but all have their origins in this leader or those close to him. He channels all kinds of entities and they all confirm his information but outside of this closed loop, I could not find any confirmation. Interesting. I revived this discernment practice and began following it as I sorted through my existing beliefs and modified them accordingly.
Does independent confirmation of this leader’s claims now exist? No. The leader continues to blaze a trail that is not confirmed from any of the many other sources of Light based information from which we can choose.
Does this leader use methods consistent with those used in the higher dimensions? He certainly did not when I left a year ago. At that time he was deeply imbued in command and control methods he learned in corporate life; methods commonly used by the dark. Light based methods of empowerment and honoring sovereignty were given lip service but were not followed. He even declined my offer to teach him some upgrades. Has he learned anything in the year we have been apart? More than one source claims he has and I accept those inputs. Is he now leading as an equal? No one has made that claim.
My conclusions are:
1. This leader still has much to learn and I am not invited to be his teacher. The school of hard knocks is making a dent and I will leave it to the universe to arrange the appropriate lessons.
2. My views are by now well known and as my friend suggests, the greater good is better served by me softening my criticisms. I hereby take that intention.
3. Both this leader and I are targeting to pioneer rejuvenation. We may both succeed. We may both fail or one may succeed while the other fails. In the multiple sources timeline which I favor, there is room for us both to succeed and I can send my heartfelt blessing to this leader and wish him and his team rejuvenation success. I hereby take that intention.
Freedom for humanity…


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