Holes in the Sun

You may remember the holes in the sun that occurred a few weeks ago? A friend of mine is adept at astral travel and went visiting while this was taking place. What he found were Draconians who were working on our sun and causing the holes. They were surprised to see my friend and hit him with an energy bolt that drove him from the scene but from which he fully recovered, perhaps being even more capable than before. This was part of a conversation we had recently and it stayed with me as an image in my mind and I asked to understand the meaning of it all, how it fit with Ascension and the shifts coming to the planet and to humanity.
A day or two later the pieces were fit together and I wrote my friend the following note:
The Draconians were part of the Ankara Alliance along with many other ‘dark’ nations waging war within the galaxy, targeting conquest and subjugation, and opposed by the Galactic Federation of Light. The creator god of the dark nations was Ankara and I believe the Draconians were a race created by Ankara in an experiment sanctioned by Source to test the power of love. Could love win out against races created and bred for dark purposes with all the skills Ankara could conceive and imbue in these races? Anyway, the war waged for two million years and after great initial success the dark began to experience some reversals and a kind of stalemate took place with territory held by each side and some subjugated planets overthrowing their dark masters and regaining sovereignty. I have met someone whose last lifetime was as a victorious member of a previously subjugated race who lived underground for some lengthy period of time before gaining the resources to rise up and take back their power. She came to earth armed with this past life knowledge but like many of us, only recently began to recall it.

As the end of duality neared, Ankara threw in the towel in the late 1990’s, adopting principles of the Light and advising all his created warrior races to do likewise. With very few exceptions, the created warrior races followed Ankara’s advice and part of their peace treaty negotiations was to become members of the Galactic Federation of Light. The created races were created with a soul light but it was not made operative during the fighting and one of their major initiatives as they move forward into the Light is to activate their collective soul light, and thus be able to activate each individual soul light. Soul light may not be the right term but you get the idea.

What I was given was that the work being done by the Draconians you stumbled upon was related to activating their collective soul light and was fully sanctioned by the Federation of Light and by Source. Perhaps that was why you were zapped but not fatally harmed although this last part is speculation only on my part. Anyway, the earth’s ruling elite were not in any way involved nor are they being helped in anyway by their former allies and overlords which included the Draconians.

My friend called soon after receiving the email confirming the Draconians were there serving the Light and letting more of the inputs from the center of the universe into our solar system by these modifications. He had not explained this during our initial conversation as that was not given him to say. Perhaps letting me come to my own conclusions.
At any rate, we can add the Draconians, a former warring race to those helping humanity in the shifts soon to come. It is fast becoming a kinder, softer galaxy and the ruling elite cannot block the shifts much longer. We will soon see a roll out to freedom.
Freedom for humanity…


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