A Difficult Assignment

I received notification that I had been made an administrator of an internet site to which I had only recently become a member. Strange…I thought and began to seek out more information. I could find no way to contact the person who made me administrator so I posted a note asking if I could talk in private. The person fobbed me off on another member of the site and I asked if either was willing to speak to me in private. The other person agreed, a man we will give the name of Frank as he fancies himself as always letting others know where they stand.
I contacted Frank and he suggested I ask him questions. As we began it became clear to me that he was playing with me and was not forthcoming with information about the reasons behind making me an administrator. He sent philosophical answers to my questions along with some verbal jabs to test my patience as he seemed to be enjoying it all and attempting to create a verbal joust. I stayed centered and kept asking questions, refusing to rise to his baiting. It was like opening a tin can with a knife. It can be done but it is slow laborious work.
I was engaged in a side stream with a friend from the same site and told her of my dilemma. At the point I asked Frank ‘Is there anything you would be willing to share about your reasons for making me an administrator?’ my friend responding saying ‘They make everyone an administrator, don’t sweat it.’
Ahh, finally, the cat was out of the bag. I began to write this information to evasive Frank but before I pushed send, he ended his obstrufication and wrote, ‘We make everyone an administrator’ along with some of the reasons behind it. I thanked him and was ready to end the call when he began to attack me claiming I was advertising on the site and advertising is not allowed. I agreed advertising was inappropriate but disputed his claim that I was advertising. I stayed centered and responded from that place and from being a sovereign person, not someone who can be bullied into compliance.
This stalemate went on for some time with Frank getting in a lot of verbal punches one of which was likening me to an acquaintance we both have found difficult. I responded saying I did not want a repeat of the disservice this acquaintance had done to me and Frank responded. ‘Good for him. He was holding up the mirror.’
Then came the second breakthrough, ‘In the same way, I hold up the mirror for you Frank. Are you saying you and you alone will make the determination that I am advertising on this site?’ I could feel Frank’s energy shift as he looked into the mirror and did not like what he saw or the way he was acting. He would not answer my question but began to backpedal and send out face-saving wiggle room. I found something I could live with and latched onto it; then thanked Frank for his time and ended the call.
My guides invited me to go for a walk and showed me a place about twenty minutes away along a scenic path through a nearby ravine. When I got there, I was guided to take a route I had never taken before and ten or fifteen minutes later found myself in familiar territory having arrived there by a different route. I continued my exploration taking a short cut across a free way and slithering under a high chain mail fence to connect with another scenic path leading to the Bow River. All the while the conversation replayed in my mind despite repeated attempts to clear it and surrender it back to Source in a ‘take this burden of negative energy from me’ kind of approach. As I neared the furthest point from home along the river, a calm descended over me and the replays ended. I stopped for tea at a local coffee house and arrived home four and half hours after beginning my walk.
That night was filled with energetic inputs and I slept fitfully as I welcomed the energies and integrated them. It seemed as though my performance passed a test of some kind and I had ‘graduated’ into a higher level.
My thanks to Source and to my guides for helping me traverse this difficult assignment and my thanks to Frank for providing the testing ground.
Freedom for humanity…


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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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