Respecting Sovereignty

There is a form of energy common on earth under the influence of duality that disrespects individual sovereignty. It is most commonly associated with men and is often called male energy but like all energies, it can be held in either men or in women and I have experienced the disrespect of my sovereignty by women as well as men. Subjugation and control are two of its primary manifestations.
Mostly I live outside of this energy and quite happily so and with very rare exceptions, it no longer emanates from me. I have some skill in dissipating this energy when it originates in others and have had some notable success in so doing, in taking this energy, and transmuting it into something mutually respectful of sovereignty; for as you can see, sovereignty is never a one way thing, sovereignty cuts both ways and if one is not sovereign in any interaction, none are. This transmutation takes a lot of energy on my part as I have to be willing to take a lot of abuse without responding in kind or the process breaks down. I also have to be very skillful and at some point in time shine the mirror in the other’s face, reflecting their energy back at them or the one way cycle continues.
There is also the option of walking away, of accepting either temporarily or permanently that the other is not going to get it and just walking away. Oddly enough this sometimes leads to the other getting it and sovereignty is restored in future interactions. If both sides are willing, this pattern can repeat again and again and even the most inveterate abuser of another’s sovereignty will eventually get it and mend their ways. Sometimes walking away results in a long term separation. Some see this as bad but is it? When one door closes another opens and that other door can then respect sovereignty.
I have used both these methods to great effect over the past six or eight years and now generally live in a world where sovereignty is respected. At times I watch others engage in non-sovereign behavior and I just observe. Recently I rode with a mother and her two sons, both in their late teens, for a total of six hours and observed as the dance of non-sovereignty went on all around me. No one asked my opinion and I sat silently and without visible emotion but my sovereign energy was there and at the three quarter mark, the mother ‘got it’ and said, ‘Okay everyone, time for us all to be nicer to each other.’ The shift was dramatic and there are now reports of the wayward son cleaning up his act.
Recently I became involved with a Facebook group where my sovereignty was challenged. I feel resonance with many people in this group and in general my views have been allowed even though quite different from what the group believes. That is one of the outcomes of sovereignty. Dissenting views are given full expression and it is for each to decide what to take from them.
One member in particular took issue with my sovereign approach and has been difficult at times. He is a founding member and although he has an intellectual grasp of sovereignty, he does not walk his talk, frequently trodding on the sovereignty of others. Two days ago, I was in a position where I needed information from this person and he wasted no time in making what could have been a simple and short exchange into a most unpleasant hour long exchange where I used my transmutation skills. My blog has more information if you want to know more.
Yesterday was spent wondering if it was all worthwhile or should I simple take the walk away option. I slept on that question requesting guidance. Today I am getting feedback that my efforts to bring sovereignty to this group are not in vain and my choice is to soldier on. Perhaps the transmutation work has shifted things and I can now see that even if the energies disrespecting my sovereignty remain, I can use the walk away technique for short outages before I really have to consider walking away from the group on a permanent basis.
Freedom for humanity…


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