A Couple of Walk-Ins

One of my friends is a walk-in who began this embodiment in a thirty something year old body about eight years ago. We met in the fall of 07 when my friend was awakening to his unusual situation and have been friends ever since. For some reason, I have met a number of walk-ins and become quite knowledgeable about this way of combining body and soul. My blog has several pieces on the subject if it is of interest.
During this high profile period of humanity’s evolution with Ascension just over the horizon, lots of souls are walking-in with missions of various kinds related to Ascension’s success. My friend is an example and there are many more.
Walking-in has its own unique challenges, two of which are clearing the karma contained in the body and shifting any dysfunctional paradigms that the leaving soul may have had. That was big stuff for my friend as the leaving soul did not live in integrity and had lots of world-views that were totally inconsistent with oneness and with higher consciousness. The life situation of the walk-out was inappropriate for my friend and he separated and divorced giving the wife full custody of their two children as part of his sorting out process. My role very often was mentoring my friend and showing him ways of living in integrity within a human body.
A couple of years ago, my friend met and fell in love with a woman who shared his interests in spiritual matters. They married and chose to travel, leaving Canada in January. She has been very supportive of his journey and has been instrumental as my friend chose to serve only the Light about eight months ago. This choice fast-tracked a number of things and the wife began to consider walking-out, feeling her life’s work was done.
A soul level agreement was struck between the wife and a soul that has previously shared lifetimes with my friend. The exchange was manifest when the wife was kidnapped and jumped off a high cliff to escape. She was badly injured in the fall but is now nearing full recovery, well ahead of ‘normal’ medical expectations.
In this case, the walk-in event was not a single traumatic experience and the leaving soul has made several visits back to the healing body so my friend is experiencing some of each and being a walk-in himself is well aware of what is going on. The two souls are very different. The leaving soul was kind, compassionate, and most of all supportive; happily taking a supporting role as my friend blazed the trail.
The walk-in soul has her own agenda and is here for a purpose, here on a mission. A very different dynamic and a successful transition will see my friend and his wife become co-creators in their chosen path and in fulfilling their mission. They have worked together in other lifetimes and quite possibly have a soul level agreement to do so in this lifetime. It is possible, perhaps probable, that they are each other’s completion.
Now the hard part. My friend is grieving his departing wife. They love each other and he welcomes those times she returns to the body and expresses her grief in leaving. For some reason, perhaps as part of the agreement made, this unusual situation is being permitted. The leaving soul does her own grieving when returning and has asked for ease and grace in the transition. My friend currently would prefer continuing the life he has known and the relationship they have formed, but that is not to be and the visits will soon end as the walk-in takes over full control and the walk-out embraces the experience of death by walking-out and of planning her next embodiment experience. I am aware of walk-out souls walking back in so that may be a future event. Meanwhile, time and space is being given to the walk-in’s mission.
My heart goes out to everyone involved in this unusual love triangle and I hold space for the transition to be completed with ease and grace; and for the co-creation of the important work this couple of walk-ins is planning and will manifest.
Freedom for humanity…


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