Voting Green

For about the past decade, I have voted Green in every election in which I cast a ballot. None of these candidates have been elected or even come close, most getting somewhere around three percent of the popular vote. In a way it is a spoiled ballot, but not quite as the Green party has become a minority voice in Canadian politics and their percentage of the popular vote is higher than some regional parties that have elected candidates.
The essential distinction is as follows: Mainstream candidates are candidates of duality and represent some aspect of duality, the haves or the have not, the right or the left, business or labour, etc. The Green party represents oneness and at present is the only party to target the greater good above the self interest of any particular group.
Duality and scarcity go hand in hand and you cannot have one without the other and where one exists, the other will be close at hand. The ruling elite are well aware of this and have been very effective at maintaining scarcity and promoting competitive worldviews which is the basis of our current political systems. With duality systems such as patent boards and copy rights laws, abundance technologies have been kept off the market and scarcity is the way of life for the vast majority of the world’s population. In the rich countries, scarcity is maintained by encouraging greed and competitive world views, kind of summed up by the saying, ‘he who dies with the most toys wins’. Banking systems and the big corporations insure a continuation and acceleration of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Duality at its finest, or its worst; depending on your duality point of view.
By controlling the media and setting editorial policy, the ruling elite have great control over the way the rest of humanity thinks and behaves. This was an open and closed case until the internet came along and still, the official word on nearly everything is what the ruling elite wants the public to believe. Gross misrepresentations of truth are common place, two examples being denial of all conspiracy theories and denial of the existence of helping extraterrestrials.
Control of the media has also generally amounted to control of the electoral process and most often, elections offer no real choice as all the major parties are ‘in the ruling elite’s back pocket’. On those rare occasions where a leader succeeds who is not a ruling elite supporter, the ruling elite use a variety of dirty tricks to limit that leader’s effectiveness and remove them from power. The old saying of ‘you can’t fight city hall’ describes the current situation quite accurately and ‘city hall’ is the ruling elite.
It has never been my opinion that shifting from duality into oneness was going to be driven by our political systems and this is being born out in world events. Even promising beginnings like the freedom revolution in Egypt a little over a year ago have fizzled as the ruling elite patiently out waited the revolutionaries and regained control. Left to our own devices, shifting into oneness would take time, perhaps several decades and there is a very good chance that humanity would fall short and enter a doom and destruction cycle that would do irreparable damage or completely destroy our home, e.g. Mother Earth. Fortunately, we are not being left to our own devices and have the help of supporting extraterrestrials who are preventing these doom and destruction scenarios.
The route to oneness is by raising the collective consciousness of humanity. That route has been followed in two significant ways. First came an infusion of highly conscious souls into human bodies, both by birth and by the walk-in process. This went into high gear after the Second World War and has escalated ever since. Then came the consciousness raising energetic inputs beamed our way from the center of the universe in preparation for Ascension now fast approaching. These inputs affect us all and people who are attuned feel their impact directly while those who have not yet awakened feel them by osmosis. The net effect is a continuing and continuous raising of humanity’s consciousness.
Since duality ended on October 28, nearly six months ago, support for the systems of duality here on earth has steadily eroded and propping them up has taken more and more energy and effort on the part of the ruling elite. Humanity now has the collective will and the capability of shifting to oneness and replacing duality systems with systems supporting oneness. That process is about to be made manifest and those currently supporting duality will either step aside voluntarily or be swept aside by the backup plan of mass arrests. Either way we are fast approaching disclosure and an irreversible oneness revolution.
Freedom for humanity…


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