Working with Intentions

I met a guy in the early days of writing my blog, over two years ago, as we frequented the same coffee shop and he struck up a conversation. He works in the janitorial department of a store I frequent and we sometimes cross paths while I am shopping. I knew his name at one time, but it escapes me and the same seems true in his case. All very commonplace to this point.
Since the start of April, our paths have crossed on four different occasions. First was a meeting near a pedway we were each crossing on our way home. He works near me but lives in the next subdivision on the other side of a busy freeway spanned by the pedway while I was returning from a visit with my sister who lives several subdivisions away. Next was a meeting in the store. It is a large store and his work took him to the entrance just I came into the store. The third was as I passed behind the store on my way somewhere completely different. He was on a break and decided to sun himself on a nice spring day in a quiet lawn behind the store. We chose not to speak on this occasion, like ships in the night. The forth was yesterday. I went to a coffee shop in his subdivision and was on my way home along a route far from his home. I walk on a concrete retaining wall bordering a busy highway and my friend was out running, catching up and passing me below my higher vantage point on the elevated retaining wall.
Again ships in the night, but the thought occurred that I was to initiate a private conversation and that these chance meetings were not an accident. For some reason this casual friend and I have some unknown business to transact. That seems right and I hereby take that intention. Next time our paths cross I intend to invite him out for coffee.
Now a little about intentions. Intentions lubricate the workings of the universe. What we think of as chance is anything but; especially in a case like mine where I have few plans and let life find me. Intentions lubricate the natural workings of the universe. I use intentions in any number of situations.
When I have something difficult to do, I set the intention that the opportunity to initiate the difficult action will present itself and it invariably does. At one time, it was hit and miss in terms of whether or not I took advantage of the opening but in the past several years, when the opening attracted by my intention presents itself I honor the opening and initiate the difficult action I know I am to take. One of the uses I make of this process is with my kids. When something is hanging out there and festering in some way, I take the intention to resolve it and presto, the opening is soon there for me and for us.
Sometimes an intention evaporates. What was important enough to set an intention somehow shifts over time or in some cases quite quickly and the intention is no longer valid. I wrote about a major one recently, called Releasing a Healing Opportunity, where an intention I had taken long ago no longer served the greater good. Another example is an intention I took to offer a friend entry into a private internet group. The universe let me know this would not serve the greater good and I have subsequently dropped the intention.
Sometimes I play with the power of intention and here is a fun example. I had a proposal to make to one of my son’s-in-law. He is skilled with video communications and I wanted to make a YouTube video. We were having a family supper in a private room in a local restaurant and I took the intention of being seated next to him so I could make my proposal and answer any questions he might have. I was there first and just took a seat. Eventually my son-in-law arrived and sat near me but with an empty chair between us. Okay, now what? I just waited and others came including a request to make room and four of us were asked to shift down one. There I was in the empty chair, now right next to my son-in-law and the proposal went without a hitch.
Freedom for humanity…


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