Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes much is shifting. The curtain has already come down on the world ruled by duality and we are right now in a short intermission while the set is being shifted and when the curtain is raised once again, we will see the dawning of a world serving oneness.
A major player in the old world of duality has been our banking systems, long owned and managed by the ruling elite, and used as an instrument to funnel the wealth of the world into the few greedy hands of the ruling elite and their families. The world’s banking network has served duality since the Rothschild’s and their cronies took control many generations ago.
There is now a changing of the guard and already, many of the major banks worldwide are ready to transfer ownership and management as part of a massive shift of financial power out of self interested hands and into the hands of the Light. Much of the groundwork and behind the scenes manoeuvring to achieve this transfer has been managed by the Ascended Masters who have lived lifetimes on earth and have already Ascended. Some have easily recognizable names like St. Germaine while others are lesser known. None the less, they continue to have an interest in serving humanity and serving Earth and its spirit known as Gaia.
What will be the role of banks when the curtain rises on oneness and on Light? Banks will become the divine instruments of the Light and work toward financing and supporting the magnificent shifts soon to come and funding the various abundance technologies currently being withheld. Instead of being owned and managed by the self-interested ruling elite and draining the world’s wealth into a few self interested pockets, banks will be owned and managed by people supporting oneness and the Light and the target will be to improve the quality of life and create conditions where no one has to work. What will you choose to do when you no longer have to work? Once over the initial shock, you will likely choose to pursue your passion, to do what you want to do. You will be sovereign because you will not have any reason to do other than what you want to do and you will be in a position to do what you were born to do, to pursue the mission you came to achieve.
Banks will serve you and serve agendas of abundance and of stewardship of our shared resources. Among the withheld technologies are pollution cleanup technologies and these will be brought forth and used by concerned citizens and by corporations incorporated for that express purpose. Practices damaging to earth will no longer be tolerated and due to free energy and abundance technologies, exploitive practices such as the oil and mining industries will no longer be needed and will soon melt away. What we call garbage will also melt away since technologies for manifesting our survival needs work in reverse and will be used to demanifest that which we no longer need.
How the ruling elite relinquish their power is still in doubt. The window of opportunity for them to voluntarily turn over control to the Light remains open and the international banking community has already seen hundreds of resignations as those serving the ruling elite jump ship. The Light is not interested in retribution and fully recognizes that everyone comes to the Light at some point. Each member of the ruling elite has been contacted and those willing have had their options explained to them. One option that is no longer open to them is retaining their power and the control they currently wield over humanity’s present and future. This will be relinquished voluntarily or taken from them by force. (e.g. Mass arrests)
Either way, when the curtain rises, a new world will begin and the ruling elite will no longer rule humanity. With that new beginning comes disclosure so we can work freely and openly with our off world supporters of the Light. With that new beginning comes abundance as withheld technologies are funded and implemented. With that new beginning comes stewardship of our home here in the universe, stewardship of Mother Earth and reverence for Gaia, her loving spirit.
Freedom for humanity…


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