Holding Space for Surrender

In my morning meditation, I was drawn to walk around in the shoes of the ruling elite. When I put on the shoes, I found I was not to adopt their mindset; instead I was to be someone born into their family who had somehow travelled a path leading to the Light and yet remaining a trusted and influential family member. I understood them (the ruling elite) and I had the ear of those right at the top, the planners and the patriarchs of the major families, perhaps a dozen or so. They all know why I am here; it is on their bidding and few words are spoken. Mostly, I send them my love, unconditionally and wholeheartedly, not for what they had done or what they are doing but for who they are, for that covered up part of them that seldom sees the light of day and is rarely on display.
I can see their pain and their frustration as the handwriting is on the wall and their days as masters are nearing an end. ‘Why not give it up voluntarily?’ I ask. ‘There is still time and you can take my hand and we will walk arm and arm into the Light. Just as Ankara did fifteen years ago, just as the Draconians and all the rest did shortly after.’ I know these ruling elite leaders know the history of the galaxy and know of what I speak. I also know these leaders of the ruling elite are deeply afraid because they would treat an adversary who surrendered very poorly and they cannot believe the Light will treat them much better.
There we stand in silence. I have made my pitch and wait with them, holding space for each to come to his own conclusion, holding space for whatever might happen next. In my heart I know their answer will be perfect, no matter what that answer may be. That is the beauty of the universe in which we live. All answers, all possible routes lead to the same wondrous and indescribably beautiful place. All roads lead to home and home is Source. We can go on detours of any length and any description but sooner or later we end back at Source. That is all there is so it is inevitable.
A detour is what the ruling elite is on and they have played their hand masterfully and in so doing, have taken humanity with them on this detour. Humanity has risen up and taken back their power and humanity is supported and protected by any number of powerful and technically advanced civilizations. This detour is about to end, with or without the cooperation of the ruling elite. The leaders know all this and we stand looking at each other, compassion in my eyes and love in my heart. I have made my case and the next move is up to them, collectively and individually. They have long stood together, arm in arm with loyalty, to each other and to the cause, their highest value. Someone like me would not have lasted a minute with them only days before but things have changed and I am now welcome, welcome to say my piece and welcome to hold space as they consider their options.
They are free to ask questions and I will answer them with truth and with compassion. Perhaps that happens, perhaps it does not. Because of their loyalty to each other and their unquestioned dedication to their cause, it is unlikely any of them will break ranks so I make no special entreaties. We just all stand there together morning what has come to pass and gathering our strength for what is to come. What I have suggested seems a long shot and very much against the odds, yet there we stand and with each passing moment what seemed most unlikely seems to gaining ground. Perhaps they will decide to surrender.
I understand surrender having done it personally about six years ago. I hold space for surrender and I know how it feels. I know the ego battle that takes place. Surrender does not happen all at once, surrender is something that happens by degree. If these leaders decide on surrender, I let them know I will work with them to see it through and to save face as much as possible.
Still we wait. These are planners and leaders. The decision is difficult but time is running out and unless this option is taken soon, it will disappear and the backup plan will be triggered where they are arrested and brought to trial. Still we wait.
Freedom for humanity…


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