Perfect Guidance

The quality and quantity of consciousness shifting vibrations in our world is at unprecedented levels as humanity and Mother Earth prepare for the shifts soon to come. These vibrations are affecting everyone and some of us are responding out of anger as we don’t know what to make of it all. Natural targets for this un-channelled anger are people strongly on their path, people living the mission they came to live; because such people exude a confidence and a centeredness that lights them up like a big neon sign.
Many of my friends have experienced attacks from others in the past few days and have shared these experiences with me. Two of my friends asked for my help in dealing with the aftermath and one went so far as to request a reading believing my inputs will be of value in choosing their course of action. The universe arranged for me to have some time and space to consider this request before taking action and I meditated on it shortly after it was received, targeting to open myself to receive the information I would need to give an effective reading. What I got instead was a distinct, ‘NO’.
Hmmm…That is interesting. What is underneath this very clear guidance?
I came into this lifetime with a predisposition to giving people readings. I would do it all the time and it was a natural skill. Part of my learning in this lifetime is to respect the soul journey of others and allow them to travel their own path toward their lessons. My objective of helping others avoid mistakes also has the unwanted result of preventing others from learning the lessons they came to learn. Part one of this learning was to wait until I was asked, wait until I was given permission before giving people a reading. More recently I am learning that there is a part two.
Part two is related to sovereignty. Sovereignty has become a major aspect of all I do. I have learned a great deal about living as a sovereign being and connecting directly to Source to get the guidance and the information I need in order to live the life I came to live. Part of sovereignty is having sovereign people around me. Full sovereignty is being sovereign myself and interacting with people who are also fully sovereign. This second part is counterintuitive in a way since the human way of looking at sovereignty is for only a few to be sovereign and for others to do their bidding. The Divine way of looking at sovereignty is for everyone to be sovereign and no one can be truly sovereign until everyone in their field is sovereign. If even one person is reliant, sovereignty is not yet achieved.
My friend’s request is well meaning and I know this friend is well advanced in their journey toward sovereignty. In part, my friend’s request is based on a desire to help me develop my skills. I also know my friend will accept my reading as a sovereign being and take what resonates and leave the rest, just as they would with any other interaction in their lives. That is what sovereign people do.
What then is the harm of me giving such a person the reading they requested? I’m not sure. Perhaps there is no harm, but still my guidance is ‘no’. When I check underneath, what I find is a slippery slope. I often act as a sounding board for this friend and we have worked through many tough issues together so I am comfortable in the role of mentor. In this role, I am continuously reminding my friend that the answers lie within and continually directing my friend inward. On one occasion my friend was highly agitated and asking for guidance; I listened until a calm came over my friend and then I asked my friend, ‘From this energy of calm, what is your guidance in this situation.’ My friend told me what I would have told them but it had far more impact because it came from within and it was perfect instead of having come through my filters.
If I give a reading, this perfection is lost. That I do not want to do. We all have perfect guidance available to us and we all have imperfect guidance available to us. Accessing perfect guidance is not easy especially when emotional about something, but as a sovereign being, my target is to access the perfect guidance that is only available within and…encourage others to do likewise.
Freedom for humanity…


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