The Timeline of an Orderly Transfer of Power

Since my etheric meeting with the power brokers of the ruling elite, I am shifted. Instead of waiting impatiently for the arrest and the forcible transfer of power from the ruling elite to those representing the Light, I am patiently holding space for the ruling elite to surrender and for an orderly transfer of power to take place.
The most amazing thing happened during the meeting with these power brokers, something that took me completely by surprise; I found I liked these people and I mean genuinely liked them. It was very natural for me to feel empathy for them and to have compassion; none of this was forced or artificial in any way and my heart genuinely went out to these people and to their plight. We did not of course deal with their behaviour and at no point did I feel any judgement toward them. The energy was very pure and summed up by ‘Well guys, this is fine mess we find ourselves in. Too bad it worked out this way and you have my sincerest sympathies.’
I made the surrender suggestion to them so there was no mistaking my intentions and then we mostly sat around enjoying each other’s company. For me, it was this amazing experience of liking these guys and feeling totally comfortable in their presence. I am guessing a bit, but for them it may have been a chance to try out my energy, try out the energy of total commitment to the Light and of service to everyone in my field; the energy of surrender and living without ego. It was the higher selves of these people to whom I was relating and everyone’s higher self targets a return to Source so there was no ego battle going on, just an exchange of information and an exchange of energy.
Why was I given this experience? It seems it was related to something that happened earlier this year when a friend called asking my advice in a situation where he was tempted by revenge and seeking justice for wrongs done to him and his wife. I listened and held space for my friend to find his way out of his anger and his fear into a place filled with Light where agendas of the Light could supersede the agendas of his reaction to the injustices that had befallen them. At some point a calm descended over my friend and I asked him to access his truth within that calmness and for his answer to the same question he had asked me. I then held space as he considered all this. After a timeless interval, he came up with the perfect answer that had been within him all along but covered over and hidden by the emotions of the events and the reactions he was feeling.
That was the pattern I followed in my dealing with the power brokers of the ruling elite. Surrender is an option and they know that since it has been suggested many times from many sources. My role was to demonstrate surrender and to hold the space for these people to experience it first hand, to try it out in a safe and compassionate environment. I knew how and so I was asked.
What the results will be is not something within my knowing. I am not to manipulate or even try to influence these people. I am to hold the space for surrender and let them make their free will choices, knowing that their choice will be perfect, no matter what that choice may be.
I am also now aware that an earlier surrender would have been a great disservice to humanity; because part of humanity’s lesson is the ability to craft a legal means of removing self interested masters who have all the advantages that money can buy. An earlier surrender would have robbed humanity of this opportunity. Now the situation is ripe for surrender. The work is all done and the ruling elite no longer have the power to prevent their overthrow. They know that and humanity knows that; all the lessons have been learned. Surrender would now make perfect sense within the greater good. Surrender would serve humanity as the transfer would be orderly, surrender would serve the Light as the learning is done and using force is never anything other than a last resort; and surrender would serve the ruling elite since what they came to teach humanity has been learned and surrender can hasten their return to the Light and their inevitable redemption.
Freedom for humanity…


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