Victory from Defeat

My guides asked me to republish from my archives and this is what was chosen. This was titled Dreaming of Success and was my blog entry in September of 2010 while the age of duality still had over a year to go. Those I now call the ruling elite were called the dark and they were still supported as we lived in the age of duality. I found it deeply inspiring as the final transition nears and we rapidly approach that time when humanity takes back their power and freedom for humanity becomes our shared reality.

Around two thirty last night, I was awakened by my ‘take action now’ signal and got up to meditate. The signal subsided, a sign that my action was on target, and my meditation drifted into my affirmations surrounding the freeing of humanity. A few months ago, my guidance was to shift these affirmations toward freedom for something and to delete any focus on freedom from something. Thus, my affirmations now all feature freedom for things like love and compassion, freedom for transformation, freedom for grafting the New Earth timeline into third dimensional reality, freedom for taking back our power and being all that we are, freedom for living in peace and in harmony, freedom for truth and transparency, freedom for informed choices about Ascension and freedom for the ability to Ascend for those who so choose.
Many of these components of humanity’s freedom have a component of transcending the dark’s illusion and ousting the dark from their positions of power and influence. It is kind of a chicken and egg sort of thing. Does taking back our power happen after the dark is disposed; or does taking back our power dispose the dark? Does truth and transparency become our reality once the dark is disposed; or does the dawning of truth and transparency dispel the dark illusion? Does the dark have to be removed before we can graft the New Earth timeline into this dimension, the third dimension; or does grafting the New Earth timeline into the third dimension remove the dark’s illusion and boot them out of power? I don’t really know the answer to this, perhaps a little of each; but that does not really affect me or the power of these affirmations and the effectiveness of my dedication to bringing freedom to all of humanity. Freedom is happening through the persistent efforts of Lightworkers the world over and my efforts are like another pair of hands in the tug of war for humanity’s future, for the timeline that humanity will collectively adopt.
Anyone who so chooses can contribute to this collective choice and everyone contributes, even the fence sitters.
When I returned to bed, I had a vivid dream. It had two segments. Segment one was of watching as a group of self interested exploiters took over the company where I worked and celebrated as I watched silently, knowing resistance would be futile. Among the self interested were many profiteers and opportunists (some I knew), who revelled in their ill gotten gains. I knew them to be decent folk at heart, just along for the ride and for the benefits of being part of any victorious effort. I was defeated and my agenda was lost, like the loser in an election.
Part two was in a public transportation taking people away from the scene of the dark’s victory. A great mix of people was using the transportation, and many had that look of resignation we all get when things don’t go our way. The driver showed courage to avoid being trapped and the vehicle took a hit in the process. Suddenly, I was inspired and ‘knew’ exactly what to do. ‘Close the door’ I yelled and the driver complied. Miraculously, the damage was repaired and the act of closing the door shut out the road noise and the confusion. ‘You can be my personal driver’ I said, and the driver had this look of appreciation and dedication as he continued to navigate out of danger. Everyone on the bus was transformed. The looks of resignation instantly became glowing and radiant faces of people seeing hope and a pathway to a better life. All became inspired and I knew the tide had shifted and the victor’s stolen victory would not last. The people would take back their power and I could help them, just by being there and by following my guidance. When needed, I would be inspired to take appropriate action and always, I remained dedicated to bringing the best out of those around me. My presence was a constant reminder to others that we can take back our power and as we acted on that belief, the dark’s victory turned into their defeat.
Freedom for humanity…


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