The Rant

It is a rainy day here in Calgary and the mountains, usually so prominent to the west, are nowhere to be seen. They exist, that I know but based on what I can see, they do not. That is so like our inner world. For those who demand proof, it does not exist; even their own inner world is denied because the experiences cannot be proven and so do not meet their limiting definition of what is real.
For some, such as me, my inner world is every bit as real as my outer world and much of my time is spent in communications with my inner world and the various beings which share space with me in my inner world. I am not a visual person so many of these beings have no form, not even a name, but they are there none the less and share my inner world and influence me in various ways. Since choosing to surrender to Divinity and serve the greater good above all else some six years ago, I am a servant of this inner world and act as an agent of Divinity in all that I do.
Mostly this is a joy and a blessing, but occasionally comes an assignment that is quite difficult, one I would not do if still guided by my ego and was still putting what I thought was best for me as a high priority. Such an assignment came my way yesterday.
One of my internet friends had a ‘bad’ weekend and arrived Monday morning feeling a little down and disempowered with health issues among other things in her way of joyously getting on with her mission. She has a big mission as befits someone who chose human embodiment as their way of contributing to the success of humanity’s coming Ascension. Such people have already experienced life in higher dimensions and find living the 3D human experience to be quite frustrating at times. Our communications took on a bit of this frustration and I was guided to respond with a rant. Here it is, slightly edited for confidentiality purposes:
I feel a rant coming on, a need to stand and a need to invite you to stand with me – to put on my shoes and see how they feel.

My blog today is a reprint of something I wrote shortly before choosing to get involved with the leader we both know. It was filled with power and inspiration and an inner knowing that I was making a difference, that I was contributing to humanity’s freedom in ways both large and small. Then for reasons I will not try to explain (don’t understand them myself), I chose to support this leader and follow his leadership. For six months I did this and the energy of it was similar to what you express. A level of helplessness, impatience with how things were and impotence in terms of making any changes. When I broke with this leader and cut my ties, all of this shifted, not instantaneously but little by little and I slowly returned to the power and inspiration that is my birth right and which I believe is the birthright of every human being.

The ruling elite and their unwitting supporters, which in my view include the leader in question and many others who paint themselves as Lightworkers, are skilled at disempowerment. Every day we are bombarded with disempowering thoughts and disempowering institutions influence all of humanity’s major initiatives. Our education system targets disempowerment, our financial systems take our money and funnel it into the hands of the rich few, our media is constantly playing up fear and drama and focusing our attention on sporting events and celebrity circuses; all targeting to occupy us in ways that distract us from empowerment, from being and becoming who we really are. Advertising is all about disempowerment and feeding the illusion that we need someone else’s help to be happy and to be fulfilled.

The truth is that all we need is within us. The truth is that each of us has tremendous power. So none of us has to wait for anything to happen; we are each empowered right now and can ‘get the f… on with it’ right now, right f…ing now!!!

Okay, my rant is over. Hope you are able to receive this with the love and empowerment with which it is intended.

I was very reluctant to push send as I knew this may end our friendship, which I value, so I meditated and asked for guidance and very clearly there it came. Send, it serves the greater good. So I sent the rant.
Today there is no response and I wondered if an olive branch was in order, again I checked my guidance and very clearly came the answer. ‘That would just get in the way. Let your rant do the work it was intended and let your friend do the hard stuff she is now doing without your interference. In order to live her mission she has to internalize the message you intended. Do not get in her way.’
Okay, I can honor that.
Freedom for humanity…


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