Holding Space in a Rehabilitation

A young man, a distant relative is in the news, convicted of child pornography with his lap-top providing the incriminating evidence including a detailed instruction manual on how to teach an abused child to keep it a secret. The situation called to me, especially the rehabilitation of this young man, aged twenty one according to the news report.
I began to investigate, gathering information from other family members and sharing what I had learned. This particular branch of the family is quite secretive and I do not know them well so my investigation targeted other sources, including my mother, the young man’s great grandmother.
My guides were insistent that I become involved and my signals were going off big time, keeping me awake during the night and bringing in etheric information that the young man would be served by my involvement. I got up before dawn and drafted an open letter to the family and especially my sister, the young man’s grandmother. It was ready to send when my daughter went off to work and I read it to her before she left, asking for her input.
‘You can bet your sister has far more information than you do and that she considers the young man to be innocent of any serious wrong-doing’, cautioned my daughter. ‘If you really want to be invited to help, rewriting some of the accusatory pieces would be my advice.’ I sat with this and spent the next several hours gathering information and re-drafting my letter.
My letter was rewritten several times during the day but resisted the send button. It was still incomplete. ‘Call another sister’ came my guidance and we connected in mid-afternoon. She had done her own investigation parallel in many ways to my own and we compared notes and filled in missing gaps in each other’s understanding.
The young man’s profile began to take shape. Low self esteem, picked on in school including continence problems, painfully shy and more comfortable with people younger than himself. In all of this there was no report of him abusing others and the sensationalized news report hinted but made no such accusations. My sister termed the offender an ‘armchair quarterback’, vicariously playing the role of an abuser without actually participating in abuse.
The young man has a girlfriend and a child. The child was taken into custody by social services and released back to the custody of the child’s grandmother. All four, grandmother, young man, his girlfriend and their child live in the grandmother’s house. My sister pointed out that all of this was new to me and to her but it was old hat in the young man’s branch of the family. The arrest had taken place eighteen months ago, the court case and custody battles were several months old and life has gone on.
A restraining order had prevented press coverage and it was lifted for the sentencing hearing, ergo the new reports by which we learned what was happening. Our well meaning desire to help had to be fit into the current milieu of the ongoing lives of these various people and had no chance of success without the young man’s willingness and his invitation to be helped.
As we were exploring this and the various dynamics, it came to me that rehabilitation of this young man was underway; and underway in the best possible circumstances, undertaken by people who know the young man and love him, led by his mother, a kind hearted and loving person in her own right.
‘Could you take a look at the letter I am drafting’, I asked my sister. She agreed and it came back transformed and perfect. I thanked my sister and still it resisted the send button.
Instead I took a nap and woke up transformed. None of this is mine to do and my well intended letter is not to be sent. The rehabilitation is underway and in the best possible hands. What I am to do is hold space and help others to understand this complex situation and see that healing is underway.
Awesome in every way.
Freedom for humanity…


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