Beliefs and Empowerment

Our beliefs are a powerful influence over our actions and there is no one I know who is not doing the best they can; given their current set of beliefs. Until a few years ago, humanity had very little conscious control over their beliefs. Yes, you could work with affirmations and over a period of time modify beliefs and there was always the possibility of new information or circumstances or experiences interceding and shifting beliefs, but beliefs are incredibly durable and many a person has soldiered on, holding tight to disempowering or downright damaging beliefs despite a multitude of information and experiences that was directly counter to that belief. They do this by ignoring everything that did not support their current belief and glomming on to shreds that do. Doing this is just a normal part of being human.
All of that shifted with the advent of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) in the 1970’s and this brilliant new understanding of how the human mind works along with the invention of ways to make use of this understanding created whole new technologies that permit anyone at any time to quickly and easily change beliefs, no matter how firmly they are held or how deeply they are embedded. Beliefs are no longer a matter of upbringing and training, beliefs have become a matter of choice; like what movie am I going to see.
In the 1990’s I worked directly with NLP and used it to shift several of my beliefs. Basically, I looked at all my beliefs and evaluated them in accordance with who I wanted to be and become, asking at each point whether current beliefs were serving me or whether a modified belief would serve me better. With a little practice, I found I could shift my beliefs quickly and permanently. That has remained my personal practice to this day. About six years ago I made a shift in my values, elevating the greater good above my personal good, and adjusted all my beliefs to align with this shift. I no longer rely on NLP, finding I quickly and easily adjust beliefs to align with my current values.
My primary interest is empowering people. That is who I am and that is what I do. If you choose to spend time around me or choose to interact with me you will find yourself being empowered. That is also true of my blog as it is an extension of my personal energy field.
One of the most effective ways of empowering people is to help them shift their beliefs. Shifting beliefs is becoming easier and easier to do. It is like the hundredth monkey syndrome and as more and more people use NLP and related technologies to shift their beliefs, it is becoming a part of our shared capability. Nowadays, all I have to do is help someone identify a disempowering belief and remind them of their inherent capability to shift any belief they choose and if they so choose, the belief is soon shifted.
This has meant that I do not have to be bothered with the nuts and bolts of shifting beliefs, stuff that does not really interest me; and instead spend my time and attention doing the diagnostic work and the empowerment work that really turns my crank. I get so much joy out of watching people become empowered and begin acting out of that empowerment.
This whole blog is about nothing else. It is called freedom4humanity and the blog’s target is to play whatever role is given me to play as humanity takes back their power and becomes empowered to move forward into higher levels of consciousness. Moving forward begins with empowerment. Moving forward begins by taking back our power. Moving forward begins by shifting our beliefs, individually and collectively, from beliefs that support duality to beliefs that support oneness. Once we shift our beliefs, our actions are shifted and we begin to act as if we are empowered. Once the critical mass of humanity has made this shift, it causes a tipping point and then no one can hold back the shift. Once the tipping point is reached and we are very close, perhaps even past that point, humanity will manifest freedom and oneness. Freedom and oneness will then become our shared reality.
Freedom for humanity…


About freedom4humanity

Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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