A Defection

Yesterday was family day and my middle daughter was hosting the family get-together for our nuclear family now numbering eleven, with number twelve on the way this summer. Supper was at six, but come whenever you want was the invitation. I wrote my blog and watched the end of the golf tournament and was then ready to go.
As I made my final preparations, my ‘take action now signal’ went berserk. I was pouring water into my water jug and ready to leave when this occurred. I was confused as to what action I should take and used my direction finder to discover the location. I was to return to my work space in the bonus room and my laptop. Perhaps some vital information has come via email, I thought, and turned it on. My direction finder repelled me and just as quickly I turned it off. The only other activity I do in this space is meditate, so to took up my meditation pose and went quickly into alpha.
Energy immediately began transforming through me; jolt after jolt came from the ethers gathered in my solar plexus chakra and exited into the earth. I was grounding negative energy and lots of it. The entire process was soon over, six or eight transformations, each a distinctive jolt of energy over a period of a minute or two. These things happen outside of time and within oneness so I cannot be any more accurate. As quickly as it had come, it was gone. I gave a high five to the universe, thanking it for using me as an instrument of healing and continued on with my day, walking over to my daughter’s place and enjoying the evening.
What had taken place? I did not know except that some negative energy had left our world and been returned to earth to be transmuted. I am dealing with a number of energy streams and before going to bed I meditated and asked for a greater good understanding of the situation. ‘Please inform me of what took place in any way that will serve the greater good.’
Slowly and by degrees the information came in. I slept, woke early, sungazed, a lengthy morning meditation and then a morning nap. When I woke from the nap, the information I had requested was available.
The incident was related to the audience I was given about ten days ago and written about in my blog called Holding Space for Surrender on April 26. The audience was with the power brokers of the ruling elite where I suggested they surrender to the Light and offered to assist them in so doing should that be their choice. There were about a dozen people at that meeting ten days ago and one of them had accepted my offer. In ways I do not understand, he came to me and surrendered into the Light. What about the other eleven? They continue on their intransigent path; at least for now.
It seems I am to explain a little about the inner workings of the ruling elite. Those at the top have one of two functions. About half are planners, a lifetime job of planning the ruling elite’s initiatives; the other half are the patriarchs, the godfathers of the ruling elite who take the plans and implement them using their vast networks of minions to do the ruling elite’s bidding and manifest the plans made by the planners. That is how they have operated for centuries, perhaps for millennia; and they have been highly successful.
The defector is a planner, or rather was a planner. I was a conduit of some kind and the negative energies he was carrying, energies of control, exited humanity and entered earth where they are transformed into energies beneficial to humanity and to our shared reality.
The timeline for the ousting of the ruling elite is still being written. Perhaps this is the only one of the twelve to make this choice and the back-up plan of mass arrest will still have to be employed or perhaps solidarity has been breached and we will see more defections and the eventual voluntary surrender of the ruling elite, leading to an orderly transfer of power. I have been holding space for this possibility since the meeting on April 26 and it remains a possibility. This defection makes it more probable but far from a sure thing.

In any event, we move ever closer to a transfer of power here on earth, away from the self interested ruling elite and systems of duality they have planned and implemented; and toward Lightworkers targeting the greater good and systems of oneness and abundance that are commonplace in the higher dimensions and in the more evolved societies of our ET supporters.
Freedom for humanity…


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