After writing my blog called A Defection, I was called to go walking and as sometimes happens, shown a place I was to include on my route. In this case, the place was a little known stretch of sidewalk along a busy road that I normally avoid. This place is over an hour’s walk from home and I mentally planned my route and started to walk.
Within a few feet of home, new information came pouring in. The defection incident was not a single person defecting and surrendering to the Light’s agenda, it was the entire planning team of five or so planners along with perhaps one or two of the patriarchs. It was a major event. This brought me up short and I stopped and asked if I was to return home and modify my blog. It did not seem so and I checked in with the sun, now high in the sky saying I would need a sign, some kind of confirmation before I could proceed with making this new information public. Again the place came to mind along with the knowing that the sign would be given to me in that place.
As I neared the place, my senses heightened and I went on high alert. Nothing unusual seemed to be happening and then I noticed a bench with a sign for a backrest. Could the sign be my ‘sign’? I approached it from behind and went around to the front to read it. Advertising for a new housing development in a subdivision of Calgary I had not heard of. This did not seem my sign so I sat down and waited for a while. What came up was the thought that I could choose humanity’s timeline for the transfer of power. That choice is an easy one for me and I choose an orderly transfer with the ruling elite voluntarily surrendering to the Light’s agenda, and voluntarily giving up their power.
Then up I got and decided to cut my walk short and return home, taking a smaller circle than in my mental plans. Not far into my return trip I realized the sign was my sign. Humanity is moving into a new house, a house of oneness and abundance, and the old house of duality and scarcity is divided and will soon fall. That was my sign. The broader interpretation of my conduit experience of the day before was also confirmed once again and I began collecting data to support it.
About a week after my Dad died in December of 2010, his ancestors came visiting wanting to clear their karma from generations of sexual abuse. I asked Divinity’s help and was granted the ability to be Divinity’s conduit to clear this karma. What followed was a series of jolts very similar to this more recent experience as each ancestor cleared their karma and the negative energies of past sexual abuse was returned to Divinity making each ancestor whole and able to pursue light based agendas. I do not know what function I played or even if and why it was necessary for me to be a conduit but my experience was one of being of service to my ancestors, about five of them; and ending a cycle of sexual abuse going back several generations.
The experience of assisting the ruling elite’s planners to surrender to the Light’s agenda was very similar. Again, I do not know what function I played or if and why it was necessary for me to be a conduit but I had offered to assist if requested and it seems my offer had been accepted. Each jolt, and my estimate is there were about six, was facilitating someone as they surrendered to the Light’s agenda; so about six of the people in that initial audience with a dozen or so of the power brokers of the ruling elite has now surrendering to the Light’s agenda. Some holdouts remain, but the ruling elite is now a house divided and cannot long stand. The likelihood of an orderly transfer of power, with the ruling elite voluntarily surrendering their power to the Light is a lot higher and I hold space for that to be humanity’s chosen timeline.
Freedom for humanity…


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