The Creative Level

Interacting with the ruling elite was an unexpected turn of events and the nature of these interactions is unusual although not unprecedented in my experience. I have a need to explore all of this and asked my guides and Source for an understanding that would serve the greater good and be available to the public, at least to those reaching that point where similar experiences are being made available to them.
Essentially, what I am learning is that there is a creative level of the third dimension that is available to anyone who so chooses. It can be used for any purpose as there is no judgement in creating. The ruling elite have long known this and have used the creative level to create what they want within humanity’s shared timeline. They have actively discouraged others from entering this level through the media, through education and through organized religion. For millennia, they have killed people who attempted to interfere with their plans at this level. This ‘final solution’ option is no longer available to the ruling elite and anyone can now participate in whatever way they desire at the creative level without fearing for their life.
Essentially, this is the level referred to ‘as above’ in the spiritual wisdom of ‘as above, so below’ where below is our shared third dimensional reality. Nothing comes into our shared reality that has not first been created at the creative level.
Experiences at the creative level are non-physical but they are real none the less. Prior to these recent experiences of interacting with the ruling elite at the creative level, I have interacted with a variety of entities at this level, some with names and faces and some without. I have negotiated at this level, taught at this level, exchanged information, facilitated energy clearings, and held space as others made transitions. Everything that can be done in the third dimension can be done in the creative level of the third dimension and in fact, everything that is done in what we call reality has already been done, already been created in the creative level.
As I began walking my path, I became open to a wider definition of reality, one that accepted experience that could not be proved which is the case with all interactions at the creative level. They carry no evidence procedure. In fact, nothing physical can be taken into the creative level or be taken back from the creative level into our shared reality. This wider definition of reality allowed me to interact at the creative level as if it were real. Several times I have had the experience of creating something at the creative level and then watching as it became manifest in our shared reality. That is a joy to watch.
I have interacted with people in the creative level who have no physical memory of that interaction and the reverse is also true. E.g. others have interacted with me in the creative level and I have no physical memory of that interaction. I believe our memories will someday transcend this present day barrier and we will all have access to all of these interactions but such is not yet the case. It is the higher self that interacts at the creative level and the higher self can currently do so with or without our conscious memory being involved.
Intention activates one’s participation at the creative level. Two years ago, I took the intention of doing whatever I was asked to do in terms of ousting the ruling elite from their position of power over the rest of humanity. I have remained steadfast in this intention through all that has transpired over that two year period and that intention made me available when the ruling elite became willing to explore voluntarily surrendering their power. That occurred in the last couple of weeks and I was invited to an audience with the top echelon of the ruling elite to explore this course of action at the creative level. It remained their choice in terms of whether or not they took this option and my role was to show them how it worked and demonstrate the love and compassion that would be made available to them in the event they took this option.
As it turns out, at least some of those who attended that exploratory session ten days ago chose to proceed with voluntarily surrendering to the Light’s agenda and my role in that process was played out on Sunday. I may or may not be given further assignments within the umbrella of ousting the ruling elite, but my intention of doing whatever is given me to do remains open.
Freedom for humanity…


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