The Planner’s Shoes

Transparency and disclosure are front and center in my life right now. They keep coming up wherever I look and in every facet of my life. Today, it seems I am to be transparent about the planners and the planning function of the ruling elite.
A very limited number of people are privy to the ruling elite’s big picture. That is how they operate; on a need to know basis. That is how their agenda, abhorrent to most, has made so much progress and very nearly become our shared reality. People are willing to cooperate when they don’t see the big picture and many powerful people have done so and continue to do so. Secrecy and non-disclosure have great power, but it is the power of darkness, the power of serving desires that do not see the light of day. The shadow side as it is often called.
The ruling elite’s planners are fully in the know along with the patriarchs of the major families. This is a very small number of people, in the range of a dozen people. All other members of the ruling elite are dealing with partial pictures and partial information.
Being a planner is a lifetime job and there are five planners in total with perhaps one or two more in some phase of the training cycle. Their job is to make plans that will fulfill the ruling elite’s overall objective of ruling humanity. My objective here is to step into their shoes so I will pass no judgement on the work they have done or the plans they have made. Planning is a very high level function and they regularly sit with the patriarchs who take their plans and turn them into reality.
These planners have all the advantages money can buy. They have diplomatic immunity and are kept out of the media so they can operate in secret. They are above the law in every sense of this phrase. A condition of employment is that they not marry, although there is no condition of celibacy. Given the work they do, it seems likely they are somewhat jaded and routinely take advantage of lesser folk. That is why it came as such a surprise to me when I found myself genuinely liking them and enjoying their company when they gave me an etheric audience a couple of weeks ago. Granted, I was dealing with their higher selves; but still.
For decades, life was pretty smooth for the planners. They had the best of everything and whatever they planned was fairly easily manifest by their bosses, by the patriarchs. Things began to change in the late 1990’s when the galactic war ended and their off world supporters sued for peace and became part of the Galactic Federation of Light. Worse, these former supporters began targeting Light based agendas of abundance, empowerment and individual sovereignty within their home societies and even encouraged the ruling elite to do likewise.
The patriarchs and the planners chose otherwise and continued with their agenda of artificial scarcity, subjugation and limiting sovereignty to a few, a very small few. They had a great many advantages and at first the continuation of their chosen agenda seemed to go smoothly. There were even amazing successes like 9/11 and the progress it facilitated in terms of implementing the legal cancellation of freedoms.
Shortly thereafter, reversals began. Their tried and true method of problem-reaction-solution began running into snags. In this method, the ruling elite created a problem in the public’s mind and engineered a disaster which they attribute to the problem. The public reacted to the disaster asking that something be done and presto, the ruling elite came forth with a solution that met their needs and desires and took away freedoms under the guise of being a solution.
Our off world supporters were given cosmic permission to prevent these engineered disasters and quite suddenly and unexpectedly, the planner’s plans could no longer be implemented. That shifted dynamics considerably. Instead of a smooth execution of plans, there was failure and discord. What was once a smoothly functioning team at the top began to bicker and back-bite. Blame was laid and planning was no longer the fun and carefree job it had been.
Within a few years, the handwriting was on the wall. Information was pouring in that the days of ruling humanity were quickly coming to an end and that the ruling elite was powerless to prevent this undesirable outcome. Various entreaties came in suggesting doing what their off world masters had done a decade or so earlier; voluntarily surrendered their power and voluntarily pursuing light based agendas.
That was the reason I was given the audience. That was the reason the planners accepted my offer to assist them in the process of surrender. Interesting times.
Freedom for humanity…


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