Lifting the Quarantine

The transfer of power from the ruling elite to the Light is very near and progress is being made daily. I continue to hold space for an orderly transfer but appreciate that it still may happen with mass arrests and all that entails as humanity will not be kept in servitude and artificial scarcity much longer and the power brokers of the ruling elite continue their intransigence.
Be that as it may, more and more Lightworkers are beginning to act as if the transfer has already taken place and conduct themselves and their ongoing interactions with their world as though the transfer was a fait accompli. One of these is my friend Stephen Izreal who is back in Canada after traveling in South America.
Stephen has great gifts in terms of interacting with Gaia and walked-in a few years ago intending to assist as the Earth makes her own transitions into a home for humanity’s ascension and the shift from supporting third dimensional life to supporting fifth dimensional life. He is already acting as if and recently awakened the mountains as they had slumbered through much of what has taken place and it is time for them to awaken and play their role as Gaia’s transition takes place. ‘What is this?’ asked the newly awakened mountain, ‘There is something not right here, something that should not be here.’
‘Yes’, said Stephen, ‘my apologies but we are making changes and what you feel that is out of place will soon be no more. Bear with us and help us as we make the transformation into love, compassion, and abundance for all.’
When humanity began experimenting with nuclear explosives, including dropping two atomic bombs on Japanese cities at the end of World War II, the earth and humanity were quarantined by the higher powers to prevent the spread of such destructive practices to the rest of the universe. Humanity’s free will was respected so we could go down the path of destroying our home in the universe if that became our shared reality, but we would not be allowed to infect other civilizations or spread our technologies of mass destruction outside of our home world. It can be inferred from this that the galactic wars did not use nuclear warheads although this technology was certainly well within the reach of both sides during the conflict.
Stephen is well aware of all of this and recently decided to end the quarantine. For several years now, our ET supporters have prevented the use of explosives in the ruling elite’s last gasp efforts to engineer a disaster as an excuse to bring forth a unified world government under their control; so reasoned Stephen, there is no longer a need for the quarantine to continue. Humanity is no longer a contagious disease lurking on the fringes of the Milky Way Galaxy. Humanity is now ready to interact with our neighbors and in fact with sentient life forms wherever they are found in this amazing universe.
So, Stephen acted as if the quarantine was lifted and entered the bubble of the quarantine and went to its edges with the intention of breaking through and figuratively shaking hands with the universe as a member of humanity no longer under quarantine. ‘Here we are’ he said, ‘warts and all, but no longer a threat to the well being of the universe. Come and interact with us. Let us learn from you and help us as we transmute into the higher dimensions and take our rightful place as a fully fledged peaceful universal civilization.’ And the quarantine was lifted.
Freedom for humanity…


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