The Final Act in a Play called Duality

These last couple of days have been intensely energetic for me and when that happens, I kind of withdraw from the world of form and ‘let it be’. Yesterday was Mother’s Day and the calendar in our kitchen quote’s Paul McCarthy, ‘when I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom…’ and the next words of this wonderful song are ‘let it be’. This morning was more of the same except I took a more active role.
I began my morning’s meditation in the normal way with no indication that it would be anything other than routine, but as I settled into alpha and began to enter into oneness, my ‘take action now’ signal began going off. It seemed I was to continue meditating and my signal intensified as energy gathered. My ‘take action now’ signal is discomfort in my solar plexus chakra and the discomfort was building, becoming quite painful in fact. Then there was a release like an electrical discharge leaving me and going to ground, going to earth, like a mini lightning strike. This repeated several times over the course of my meditation, perhaps a half hour or more in length. The discomfort in my solar plexus would build and build until it had the strength to discharge. After the first couple of times, I would help it along because otherwise it would reach a level well beyond discomfort. Then it subsided and after waiting for a bit and getting confirmation that the session was over, I ended my meditation and returned to the world of form.
What was that all about? I asked. As is my way, information came in slowly in dribs and drabs and the story began to unfold. Humanity is right now like an audience in a theater at the intermission before the final act of a play featuring duality. The curtain is down as the set is being readied and when the curtain rises, the last act of the play called Duality will be played out. The ruling elite or at least the intransigent remnants of the ruling elite do not want the curtain to rise. They know about this final act and they are doing all they can to prevent the curtain rising since once the curtain rises, their days as rulers will come to an end.
That final act of this human play called Duality is still being written with all of humanity participating at some level and of course the ruling elite is playing their role as power is about to leave them and freedom is about to return to humanity. The stage is set, the curtain is about to rise, and the ruling elite is making a last ditch attempt to prevent the curtain from rising. Their attempts are futile, but they are not without resources and certainly not without tenacity. I was asked to participate in clearing the energies in the way of this final act and that was this morning’s ‘take action now’ episode.
I was not acting alone. Thousands of other Lightworkers participated in their own way and the outcome on this day was never in doubt. Lightworkers long ago prevailed and all that is left is for the final act in this play called Duality to be played out. A few days ago, the ruling elite’s Planners defected into the Light and took up agendas of the Light. They worked with me as I discharged the negative energy blocking the rise of the final curtain. It is not an act of betrayal for these Planners as they now see the futility of continuing the ruling elite’s agenda, so they assisted in clearing the negative energy. They also continue to work with the diminishing faction of the ruling elite that remains dedicated to the agenda of exploitation and control, encouraging them to surrender as they themselves and so many others already have.
The time for surrender is running out and the fall back plan of mass arrests and using force to take back humanity’s power is ready to go. If the intransigence of the ruling elite continues, that will be the final act when the curtain rises; that will be how the play called Duality ends. If the Planners and others have their way, the ruling elite will surrender their power to the human Lightworkers who are master minding the transfer of power and the final act of the play called Duality will be an orderly transfer of power.
Soon, the curtain will rise and we shall see the final act in this long running play called Duality; and the beginning of an even longer running play called Oneness.
Freedom for humanity…


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