Testing My Humility

These last few days have been a test of my humility. In the unseen world, I am interacting with the top people in the ruling elite, kind of moving and shaking at the top echelon of world affairs; but when I open my eyes and settle back into my life here in three D, I am still this ordinary guy, surrendered to Divinity for the past six years and following the guidance given me.
Part of me is amazed that I have been asked to serve in this high level function. Another part is tempted by my egoic thoughts that I am somehow special because of what I am doing; but when I get centered and check in with my higher self and with oneness, humility comes to the fore. From the aspect of humility it is very clear that we are all one and at an intrinsic level, we are all equal. From equality, levels and hierarchies do not exist. We are all one.
From oneness, I have a specific set of skills and a specific set of values and I have volunteered to do whatever is given me to do in terms of ousting the ruling elite and bringing freedom to humanity. From oneness, it makes perfect sense for me to be offering the option of surrender to the power brokers of the ruling elite. I have the skill set and the experience to do whatever is necessary and part of that skill set is a healthy level of humility such that I will not be tempted by anything the ruling elite may offer me and I am not in awe or feel out of place in their board rooms or in their presence. I know at a deep and fundamental level that we are all intrinsically equal and I know at a deep and fundamental level that I have more to offer them right now than they have to offer me.
At the level of consciousness, I am far more advanced than they can ever be unless and until they shift their fundamental approach to living. That fundamental shift begins with surrender. That fundamental shift is all about their orientation toward service. Right now, the ruling elite is all about self service. In the game of consciousness, that sets an automatic ceiling on the level they can reach. They can be top dogs in the third dimension or even in the fourth; but that is their ceiling. They cannot gain entrance into the fifth and the higher dimensions with a service to self orientation. That is cosmic law and it is unalterable.
When I surrendered to Divinity six years ago this month, I accepted this cosmic truth and began to live my life in service to the greater good, since the guidance that flows from Divinity is always based on the greater good. Self interest, previously my highest value was replaced with serving the greater good as my highest value.
My life began to shift. I found that attachments influenced me and made it impossible to follow my guidance. ‘But I am attached to that idea or attached to that person and following this guidance may cause me to lose that attachment, so I will take a lesser route.’ That is how attachments work. My guidance was to surrender all attachments back to Source, back to Divinity. As I began this process, I soon realized that nothing belonged to me, nothing at all. Only that which served the greater good could be truly mine; and even that was on loan, not possessed.
Over a period of nine months I surrendered everything to which I was attached. Some were taken from me, and some were returned to me but shifted because I knew they were not mine and I was no longer attached. They were returned because that served the greater good. Since that rough cut, I have continued the process and whenever I find an attachment, I surrender it back to Divinity.
Dealing with the ruling elite is a good example. Any and all grandiose thoughts are simply the result of attaching meaning to my interactions and to the work I have been asked to do. When I surrender these attachments, humility returns and the overriding thought is, ‘I offered my services and that offer was accepted. I do the best I can each step of the way, always following my guidance and surrender to Divinity any attachment I might feel toward this work or the end results.’
My target is to serve the greater good and to honour the individual sovereignty of everyone with whom I interact. We are all equals in the eyes of Divinity, and we all return to Divinity as our reward for playing the game of life.
Freedom for humanity…


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