An Orderly Transfer of Power

Since the spring equinox, nearly two months ago, my focus has been on ousting the ruling elite. It was time, duality had ended last October and they were now trespassing in the new era of oneness, forcing their values and artificially imposing duality on the rest of humanity. The transition into oneness had begun and the clock was ticking in terms of making the transition so people can make informed free will choices about Ascension.
Change and renewal was in the air and this promised to be a spring-time to remember. Information began pouring in that the stage was set to legally arrest the ruling elite and charge them with a variety of crimes against humanity, replacing case law with common law in the process. Our ET supporters were preventing the ruling elite from engineering a disaster such as 9/11 that they could use to inspire fear in the general populace and then use that fear to move forward in their ‘New World Order’ plans. Teams of human Lightworkers were in place to provide temporary leadership when the ruling elite were swept aside. The plan was mass arrests, a few thousand including the ruling elite leadership and their henchmen, followed by true freedom of the press and disclosure where our ET supporters are introduced to humanity. In the days and weeks that followed, truth would prevail including suppressed technologies of abundance.
The mass arrests scenario is always a last resort since it is the use of force to make necessary changes and the Light always prefers to negotiate and have an orderly transfer in processes of change. Human history is filled with examples of revolutions based on force that lost their way and became as bad or worse that what had been overthrown. Yes, this revolution is based in truth and based in oneness, but still, the use of force compromises many principles and legal or not, force is a dangerous precedent and creates a slippery slope from which humanity might easily slip-slide back into some form of duality. If you are going to make lasting change and shift humanity into oneness, far better to make this change using Light based principles.
About three weeks ago another option began making itself known to me, another timeline we can call the orderly transfer of power timeline. In this timeline, the power brokers of the ruling elite surrender to the Light’s agenda and work with the Light to affect an orderly transfer of power. They voluntarily step down and turn over the reins of power to the Lightworkers who have already been groomed to be the temporary leaders in the mass arrest scenario. Of course, this takes willingness on the part of the ruling elite leadership.
Leaving aside the issue of willingness, the orderly transfer of power timeline has considerable advantages. Disruptions and hardships are minimized, the slippery slope of using force is avoided and humanity would begin their transfer into Light using methods of the Light. This timeline has lots of precedence. The galactic war was ended with the dark creator god’s surrender to the Light’s agenda and the off world masters of the ruling elite also surrendered to the Light’s agenda. The leaders of the ruling elite are well aware of all of this and have enjoyed a variety of entreaties to follow this pattern. There is some level of interest in so doing and the ruling elite’s Planners have already chosen this route. As the walls of duality tumble and fall down, the ruling elite becomes ever more exposed and in the fullness of time, surrender becomes ever more attractive.
In my world view, the ruling elite signed on to teach humanity how to take back their power and this lesson is best learned by an incremental approach and by the eventual voluntary surrender of the ruling elite. That course is now well advanced and soon we will see the ruling elite’s well crafted illusion fraying at the seams and eventually bursting to let the Light in.
I continue to hold space for the timeline of an orderly transfer of power.
Freedom for humanity…


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