Clearing Negative Energies

I am doing a lot of work with clearing negative energies these days. I find clearing negative energy to be something I do quite naturally and here are a few principles that I work with. Part of my intention in writing this blog is to help others to learn how to do this on their own.

Negative energies have a life of their own and like anything with a life; they want to keep on living. In so doing, they enter people’s fields since this is a way of propagating themselves and continuing to live. They can and do go dormant as a form of self preservation. That is why secrets are so damaging because they become homes for dormant negative energies. Dormant negative energies can exist indefinitely in a secret and in fact can be passed from generation to generation in the form of secret negative energies. The recipient may not even know at the conscious level that the dormant negative energy is there in their field and then the right moment and the right conditions presents itself and like magic, the dormant energy is energized. People who witness a negative event have that energy dormant within them and it can come out at the most inappropriate times and in the most inappropriate ways. Okay, enough background information.

What I do with negative energy is I clear it. Essentially I gather it all up in a kind of ball and I clear it. Sometimes I clear it to the earth, ground it like lightning is grounded when it hits the earth. Sometimes I clear it by sending it up, either to the sun or to Source. I don’t consciously make this choice and it does not seem to matter to me. Perhaps it is the energy’s choice, I do not really know, nor do I care. What I do care about is getting rid of the negative energy. Always I am doing his on behalf of myself. Sometimes I am doing this on behalf of another or even several others and sometimes I am doing this on behalf of humanity. This also does not seem to matter. What does matter is that the energy that used to be here wreaking havoc is no longer here. The energy still exists because energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can no longer wreak havoc. Why? Because it is no longer held within a human vessel and is therefore neutral as it relates to human beings. My sense is that people intrinsically understand this so it does not need any further explanation.

The energy has no choice in this process. No matter how much power is in the energy or how much havoc it has already wrecked or how many people it has polluted, once the energy comes to me it is mine and I can do with it as I choose. If I choose to clear it, it is cleared and not just for me but for others as well. Let’s use something recent as an example. A friend shared an experience where her bother-in-law picked up his kids and chose to denigrate my friend in the process. That energy came to me as a result of that sharing. I experienced the visit and the energy the brother-in-law was carrying and I cleared it, grounded it back to earth. That seems the place I clear male energy, dominate energy. That energy no longer has power over me and it is also shifted in my friend’s experience. It is not gone from her experience but it is shifted. My friend and I are free to recall it at anytime and play with it in various ways but it no longer has power over us. It is grounded, it is cleared.

My friend can do the same thing if she chooses and in some ways she already has. That is the power inherent in forgiveness. It only takes one and the negative power of the incident is gone, grounded or otherwise transmuted so it no longer impacts either the forgiver or the relationship. It may still impact other people involved, that remains their choice, but it is shifted even for them and it has lost some of its power.

The work I am doing with the ruling elite is very much in this category. I am taking the negative energy they have generated and I am clearing that negative energy. The energy has no choice in this matter, nor do the ruling elite. Once it is shared with me, it becomes my choice what to do with that energy. My choice is to clear it and by so doing, it no longer has power over me and is shifted for everyone else.

Freedom for humanity…


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