Solar Eclipse – May 20

An important event is occurring tomorrow, May 20. The event is a solar eclipse that can be seen over much of the northern hemisphere and is total in a narrow west to east band that includes Albuquerque, New Mexico in southern USA. It is an annular eclipse which means the moon is too far from the earth to cover the sun completely, so at total eclipse, a narrow band of the sun peaks out around the edges of the moon. I am an experienced sungazer so I am planning to view the partial eclipse that will occur in Calgary around 7.30 p.m. local time. As per my normal sungazing practices I will be taking no precautions and will be looking directly at the sun. In fact, I view all of the fears around looking directly at the sun as misinformation propagated by the dark to discourage humanity from the many advantages of looking directly at the sun. I began sungazing in 2007 and have enjoyed many hours of this practice without negative consequences of any kind.
Raising humanity’s collective consciousness has been an ongoing process now for several years and events such as eclipses are times when Divinity chooses to deliver powerful inputs serving this purpose. Those sensitive to energy will experience their normal symptoms over the hours and days of the increased energetic inputs surrounding the eclipse.
What makes this eclipse of particular interest to me and to like minded Lightworkers is the contributions these energies are making toward the inevitable disintegration and eventual ousting of the ruling elite. The ruling elite is teetering and barely hanging onto power and the energies of the eclipse may well be a precursor to them being ousted from power. I am aware of organized meditations targeting this very desirable outcome and will continue to play my part in this ongoing process.
There is a partial lunar eclipse on June 4 and it is very possible that the window between these two eclipses will bracket the long awaited shift as the ruling elite and their systems of duality finally succumb to Lightworkers and their systems of oneness. This shift is coming and coming soon. Perhaps these eclipses will finally usher it in.
My personal experience is one of full and complete readiness and of being available and on call as the final days of the current regime are being played out. The media remains firmly under the control of the ruling elite so news of progress toward oneness and the decay of duality are not yet being reported but they are happening behind the scenes. The option of an orderly transfer of power continues to gain ground as the inevitability of the ousting of the ruling elite becomes more and more evident.
The back-up plan of mass arrest is the driver in all of this. Without a workable plan to remove the ruling elite by force, there is insufficient motivation for them to surrender. That plan is now complete and a legal transfer of power is sitting in the wings awaiting the go signal. This plan is based on arrests of those currently in power with Lightworkers then providing temporary governance on a worldwide basis. The ruling elite is well aware of these plans and are powerless to prevent them being made manifest due to the overwhelming military superiority of our ET supporters. Also, the arrests are all legal so it is unlikely existing militaries will be supporting any call to take up arms against their own countrymen.
At the level of consciousness, which ultimately governs in such matters, the ruling elite long ago lost the battle to decide humanity’s shared timeline. The ruling elite will be ousted one way or the other and that eventuality is moving ever closer to manifestation. My preference is for that transfer to be orderly and I continue to hold space for that possibility.
The solar eclipse of May 20th is reinforcing the Lightworkers and their agenda of oneness. Duality’s days are numbered.
Freedom for humanity…


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4 Responses to Solar Eclipse – May 20

  1. slaithe says:

    Found this page while searching for solar eclipse viewing in regards to sun gazing. Sun should be lower on horizon when it reaches full eclipse in my area than I usually gaze. Very difficult to find anything more than general sun gazing links or the barrage of “looking at the sun will damage your eyes!” fear articles.

  2. Yes, I am just about to go view the eclipse with my naked eyes. Go us! Loved reading your blog right before! Very affirming for me. Thank you for the work you are doing!

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