Ghost Stories

My two youngest sisters are good friends and the older of the two lives in Edmonton while the younger lives in Calgary, about a three hour drive apart. They were both in Calgary this weekend and invited my family, also Calgary based, to join them for supper at a local restaurant. All told, there were seven for supper; two of my daughter’s, a son-in-law, a family friend, my two sisters’ and me.
I chose to walk and arrived about the time the solar eclipse began. The sun was still high in the evening sky and therefore very bright. I stood outside the restaurant as the partial eclipse advanced and welcomed the family members as they arrived, pointing out the eclipse and inviting them to see for themselves. All they were able to see was the sun’s brightness and none could make out the moon, very visible to me and my practiced sungazing eyes.
We were eating in an Irish style pub and the event turned quite jolly. I have not been drinking since New Year’s Day and approach such events as an observer, watching and listening, but rarely contributing with stories of my own. I enjoy this role and play it well, not sitting in judgement, only observing and enjoying the interactions all around me.
In a way, it is a microcosm of the world in which I live. The world is still largely in duality and I sit and watch with interest but refuse to interact. That is not my world. My world is a world of oneness and the two do not coexist. When duality prevails I observe but I do not interact. Occasionally the floor has been turned over to me and I then take center stage, talking about oneness and the soon to come changes. I no longer look for opportunities to do this but they are finding me more and more frequently. On this occasion, well lubricated by beer and the comings and goings of the pub crowd, our table’s conversation stayed very much in duality.
One of the topics that came up was ghost stories. My mother is very attuned to ghosts. She feels their presence and has seen them on occasion including a memorable vision while visiting in her ancestral home in northern England. The sister’s took center stage and told ghost stories, most of which I have heard before, all from the duality point of view where ghosts are objects of fear and interacting with them is dangerous and in some way forbidden.
The family friend had an interesting ghost story of her own from about twenty five years ago. She was a young single mother of a new born baby and had just moved into a walk up apartment. On several occasions she would hear footsteps coming up the stairs to her apartment but never a visitor. She concluded it was a ghost and the ghost was looking for the former occupants. ‘They are no longer here and you are not welcome’ she told the empty doorway after hearing the footsteps and the footsteps receded. They began coming again a day of so later and so she wrote the new address of the former occupants on a piece of paper and put it on a stand near the door’s entrance. When the steps came again, she repeated her ‘not welcome’ statement and indicated the new address. The steps receded and did not come again.
This story is at an intersection between ghost stories in duality and ghost stories in oneness. I chose to continue my observer status but in this blog I will share the oneness perspective of ghosts.
I have dealt with ghosts from the perspective of oneness. They are lost souls from this perspective, wandering in a twilight zone between the seen and the unseen. My encounters with ghosts are devoid of fear since ghosts cannot harm me, nor is that their intention. Ghosts have unfinished business and once that business is finished or they accept it cannot be finished, they willingly go to the Light and cross over, rejoining the mainstream of those in transition between lifetimes.
My predominant emotion when dealing with ghosts while in oneness is compassion. ‘What is your unfinished business? How can I help you to complete it? How can I help you to cross over and end the purgatory of being caught between worlds?’
Ghosts communicate by telepathy and live in timelessness and these are skills of oneness so in oneness, we can and do communicate with ghosts. I have helped one ghost to cross over, to go to the Light and it was an awesome experience.
Freedom for humanity…


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