Part of a Larger Plan

Yesterday was a completely down day. Not down in the sense of depressed, just down in the sense of no work to be done. There was simply no will to engage in anything related to Ascension or to the shifts currently taking place within humanity and our home here on planet earth. This was so pervasive that if the passing thought came, it was soon shuffled off and replaced by a gentle knowing that all was well and my role on this day was R and R (rest and relaxation; but will soon include rejuvenation).
I went to a movie, had a nap, did a little walking, watched some sports on TV and generally whiled away the hours in an etheric energy field that was almost celebratory in its general feel. Each time I checked in and that was often, I would get the thumbs up. ‘All is fine. Humanity made enormous progress over the past couple of days and you were part of a larger plan that effected these changes.’ The morning before had begun early when my ‘take action now’ signal had woken me and I had meditated until it passed, holding space for the shifts and grounding energies that intended interference. There was none of that yesterday, no urgency, not even being on guard. I felt as though what was intended had come to pass and there I was, along with thousands of others, basking in the new energies of oneness and in that wonderful sense of a job well done.
Here is my understanding of one way of looking at what occurred and it borrows heavily from the concepts and imagery of the Matrix movies. Humanity has been living in an illusion crafted and developed by off-world supporters of the ruling elite. The ruling elite have implemented this illusion and maintained it for the enslavement of humanity and the prevention of Light based interference. Over the eclipse, a critical mass of humanity took part in meditations and related activities that held space for humanity’s off-world Light based supporters and allowed them to install Light based viruses in this illusion. These viruses cannot be cleared and the days of the illusion are numbered. After the illusion is gone, the follow up steps include disclosure and abundance technologies. In addition, a worldwide grid was activated that carries Light and allows the Earth to make the required changes to support higher dimensional life here on earth. In one report, this activated grid prevented powerful earthquakes that would otherwise have taken place as the Earth made important shifts.
It has long been my ‘knowing’ that Ascension is inevitable. Nothing and no one or no group of beings can stand in the way of Ascension taking place. Ascension is Divinely ordained and will happen one way or the other. What is in doubt and what is a big part of the mission I came to live is how this all takes place. The timelines for these shifts are many and varied. The worst of these timelines have already been avoided and doom and disaster are no longer among the timeline options. However, there remains a wide range of possible timelines and the ruling elite remain an active variable in terms of how humanity and the Earth make the transition from duality to oneness.
Duality is the world created by the illusion, while oneness is the world supporting Ascension. Off world support for duality ended when the age of duality ended on October 28. Since then, the earth’s ruling elite have stood essentially alone and have tenaciously soldiered on attempting to continue their rule and their enslavement of humanity.
Cosmic law prevents outside supporters from making shifts on a visited planet. Those shifts have to come from the inhabitants of the planet. That is what makes the events of the solar eclipse so profound. For the first time, Lightworkers on this planet were able to create a coordinated critical mass in support of Light based shifts. This is the first of the dominos to fall and over the next while, we shall see the ruling elite’s illusion come apart at the seams, along with the implementation of systems supporting oneness, disclosure and the introduction of abundance technologies.
On the walk home from the movie I felt momentarily overwhelmed and asked for support in my ongoing attempts to hold space for these changes. That request was met with a sense of community and a knowing that the hard part is over. The ride from here on in is about to get smoother and become one of joy and peacefulness.
Freedom for humanity…

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