Following Our Guidance

I spent some time with a friend last night who is very advanced and yet seemingly unwilling to take that next step, and be fully dedicated to her mission and living the life she came to live. It brought home to me the enormity of the choices I made back in 2006 when I made the choice to surrender to Divinity and then spent nine months in the process of surrender. In that process, I retired my ego from the position as commander in chief and promoted my guidance into that position. This friend is very service oriented and so makes decisions based on being of service to others. Her experience earlier in the day was of having the universe conspire against her when she chose to serve a friend rather than pursue her own agenda. Eventually we got to the point where I could ask and she could hear the question, ‘What was the universe trying to tell you in that experience?’

Her answer was amazing. ‘That I was going against my guidance when I agreed to help out my friend. The troubles were the universe’s way of reminding me of the importance of honouring my guidance.’ She went on to defend her choice as appropriate because she was helping out a friend. I listened for a while and then said, ‘You know I do not agree with you, don’t you?’

Yes she knew that and began to name perceived differences between us that allowed me to follow my guidance and were in the way of her following hers. Again, I called her on this and went back to the germinating incident and got her to replay it while following her guidance. It all worked out brilliantly as the friend asking the favor understood perfectly the wisdom of following one’s guidance; something that friend does all the time and encourages others to do as well, and the favour could easily have been handled in some creative way.

‘That is how I live my life’, I told my friend, ‘and if you are going to take the next step, you have to do something similar.’

As we parted for the evening my friend said, ‘That is hard stuff, that requires a whole new aspect on life and what is important. I don’t know if I am ready yet for that or willing to do that very difficult thing.’ I was reminded of the difficulty I had in the early stages of making this choice and the roadblocks ego put in my way. ‘Yes’ I agreed, ‘following my guidance as my highest priority was a very difficult choice to make and even more difficult to implement.’

We are approaching the biggest shift in human history; we are in the last days of duality and about to tip into oneness. This shift will literally change the world we live in and for the masses; it will be a tremendous shock to their system. Those of us who have already seen through the illusion and are already living life outside of the illusion will be leaders and way-showers as oneness takes effect and every aspect of living as a human being shifts and changes.
My friend’s experience will be commonplace as there will no longer be delays between our choices and the manifestation of consequences. In the higher dimensions, choices and consequences are coupled like never before. Thoughts and emotions are coupled to consequences like never before. No longer is there a delay and what you think and the emotions you entertain instantly become your experience.
Following one’s guidance is great training for living in a world of instant manifestation since by following one’s guidance each and every step of the way, missteps are avoided, and detours are avoided. Some people are learning to follow their guidance and I am constantly reminding these people to place their highest priority on continuing to follow their guidance. Other people are beginning to understand the benefits that flow from following their guidance and I encourage them to place more emphasis on so doing. Few have taken that ultimate leap of faith and made following their guidance their highest value; but that will be part of the shift. In duality, we are imbued with a competitive world view and encouraged to lead with our ego, to be in control and in charge. Even advanced people, like my service to others oriented friend, still place a higher value on making choices based on values rather than making choices based on her greater good guidance. In oneness, the greater good will be transcendent and we will be encouraged to make choices that support the greater good. By great good fortune and by Divine design, we are each connected to greater good guidance systems that reside in the very fabric of our being.
In oneness, the step to making following this guidance our highest priority will become a much smaller step; and the process of doing so will lead directly to rewards whereas resistance will lead directly to life’s lessons.
Freedom for humanity…


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