The Argarthans

Humanity is clearing a lot of negative energy these days as we entered the last days of duality during the solar eclipse of May 20th and the changing of the guard with the ruling elite relinquishing their power and Lightworkers assuming the mantle of leadership for humanity. Two years ago, I volunteered to do whatever was given me to do in terms of ousting the ruling elite and my role over these last few days has been one of clearing negative energy.
I am like a transformer as I gather negative energy, or perhaps more accurately, the energy of duality and pass it through me as a conduit into the Earth. The physical manifestation in my body is sore heels. My right heel is especially sore, even a small tear in the skin as the energy has gathered and at times been blocked from smoothly exiting. It is all a passing phase and as more and more energy is cleared and less and less remains, my heels will return to their normal functioning. This began when I visited Ashram, my favorite tree, eleven days ago. I last visited her in March just after the spring equinox and cleared a lot of energy through her root system; energy related to duality. I thought this visit would be more of the same, but it did not turn out that way and instead, I was swept up into oneness and the visit activated an ability to clear the energy of duality through my body and ground that energy into Mother Earth.
It seems I am to mention the Argarthans (also spelled Agarthans) in this piece. The Argarthans live in Argartha, inside our hollow Earth. It defies all we have been taught about the planet on which we live but this advanced sister species exists and lives in a beautiful world inside the earth. They have already done what is necessary for their Ascension and are now working with human Lightworkers and our ET supporters to make the necessary changes within humanity to allow us to return to oneness and rejoining our banished parallel civilization known as the Argarthans. With the shifts of the eclipse and the clearing of the energies of duality, our relationship with the Argarthans will blossom and take root.
In order to enter into duality, we have had to choose a gender and split from our completion, the other half of the pair formed when our soul was created. Our completion continued on their own journey, in some cases within humanity, and in some cases within another stream of existence. The Argarthans were one such choice as were our various ET supporters. Within duality we have been governed by time and constrained to live life with very limited capabilities. As we return to oneness and to our multidimensional capabilities we each will be given the opportunity of reconnecting with our completion and returning to the fullness of human capability.
I do not pretend to understand all of this as I remain constrained by third dimensional thinking and third dimensional capabilities. I do understand that my completion is waiting for me and that we will be reunited when the heavy lifting of my earth mission is completed with the ending of duality and the Ascension experience. I also know I will be very, very pleased to end the illusion of separation, which is very much a part of duality, and return to oneness where all kinds of amazing and marvelous experiences await me.
Reconnecting with my Argarthan brethren has special meaning for me as it seems my completion may have taken up a parallel existence in this reality.
Meanwhile, I continue to serve humanity in whatever ways I am guided to serve. Sore heels and all, I have continued to clear the energies of duality and continued to be a way-shower in terms of returning humanity to the path of oneness.
Amazing times as the changes initiated by human oneness during the eclipse continue to be made manifest.
Freedom for humanity…


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