Interacting with our ET Supporters

Things are much shifted since the solar eclipse of May 20th and opportunities to interact with our ET supporters are starting to occur. The major shift of the eclipse is a result of such an interaction. A critical mass of humanity joined in a guided meditation that held space and gave permission for our ET supporters to install viruses in the matrix that the dark installed long ago to control humanity and perpetuate the illusion managed by the earth’s ruling elite. The history of all of this will be made public in due course, but today’s blog will deal with the present and near future.
The ruling elite’s well crafted illusion is coming apart at the seams and Light is being let in. The illusion cannot withstand the Light; it was ever thus, ergo, the illusion is coming crashing down and the days of the ruling elite’s mastery are numbered. The illusion is based on duality, on the illusion that we are or can be separate from each other and separate from Source. We are in the last days of duality and oneness will soon replace that way of thinking and behaving.
One of the opportunities to interact with our ET supporters is to continue the process of dismantling this illusion. Pieces remain, particularly on the etheric and astral planes and I plan to participate in a joint meditation taking place later today targeting destruction of these pieces.
Another opportunity is ongoing. The Galactic Federation of Light is well represented among our ET supporters and they target to assist humanity as we oust the ruling elite and end the illusion of scarcity upon which duality is based. The Federation has all kinds of abundance technologies but are well aware that a sudden introduction will cause panic and fear as the illusion is still deeply imbued within the collective human psyche. Therefore, the introduction of abundance technologies will have to be a little at a time.
The Federation has a great deal of advanced technology including the ability to read thought patterns and determine the readiness of any particular individual. They are asking for human volunteers to participate in determining humanity’s readiness so an implementation plan can be developed. Anyone willing to be a test subject is asked to say these simple words, “I wish to participate in the program where my thought patterns are read by qualified scientists and researchers of the Galactic Federation of Light.” So there would be no mistaking my willingness, I said these words three times yesterday and I am now participating in this readiness planning.
As you can see, progress is being made on many fronts to dismantle the ruling elite’s illusion in preparation for them being ousted from power. All of this is directly related to ending duality and beginning an era of oneness here on planet Earth. These plans are not yet written and many possible timelines continue to exist. The extremes now are worldwide mass arrests of the ruling elite followed closely by disclosure and the introduction of abundance technologies; or, the surrender of the ruling elite’s power brokers to the Light’s agenda followed by an orderly transfer of power that will see a more gradual and incremental process of disclosure and an orderly introduction of abundance technologies.
Already, selective arrests of particularly troublesome members of the ruling elite have taken place. This is not yet common knowledge as the media continues under the ruling elite’s control, but happening none the less. Either way, humanity is being offered more and more opportunities to participate and to interact with our ET supporters as these changes are being made manifest. Obviously, as more and more of humanity interact with our ET supporters, the shock and the negative expectations of ET contact is lessened and the way-finding for a smooth and orderly transition from duality into oneness is greatly enhanced. It is all happening as we speak and opportunities are now being made available to those of us wanting to participate and assist in this amazing opportunity.
Freedom for humanity…

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