Abundance Technologies

The battle to oust the ruling elite is being taken to the people in the form of introducing abundance technologies to those willing to participate. It was hoped that the leadership of one or more countries would step forward and allow abundance technologies to be implemented country wide but this has thus far not happened as the ruling elite continue to exert compliance pressures in various ways, so the Galactic Federation has decided to go direct to the people.
One of the simplest to implement is free energy for homes. Currently we all pay utilities bills and this technology would make that obsolete. A device is being made available that taps into stratospheric energy and provides free power for all household needs powering existing technologies like electrical sockets and household furnaces. The various meters reading your energy consumption would simply stop spinning as the household would come off the grid.
Two and a half years ago I took the intention of bringing free energy to our household but set aside that intention two years ago when my guidance indicated this work was for others to do. That has again shifted and I am guided to accept the Federation’s offer to pioneer free energy for household use. This is the thin edge of the wedge as such households will become beacons of freedom and the ruling elite’s artificially imposed scarcity will begin to be exposed. Other attempts to bring free energy to households have been curtailed by the ruling elite because the entrepreneurs bringing in the technology were susceptible to the ruling elite’s persuasive powers, namely bribes coupled with threats, backed up by real danger to the entrepreneurs and all they hold dear. The Galactic Federation is not susceptible to such tactics.
Anyone, anywhere can take advantage of this offer and here is my intention: I accept the Galactic Federations offer to provide the technology and the devices to provide unlimited safe free energy for the household in which I live. Their offer is to do this free of any charges. We will simply take our household off the grid.
This technology will not run automobiles unless you have an electric car but that technology is waiting in the wings and will soon be made available. Also available as abundance takes hold and the ruling elite are ousted is technology to instantly manifest survival needs like food and water, clothing, shelter, etc. and demanifest garbage. Personal communication devices that run on safe free energy and can communicate with anyone, anywhere in each person’s chosen language perfectly translated will replace our controlled and dangerous cell phone technology. Also in the wings is instant travel by intention wherever and whenever desired completely free of negative impacts like jet lag and the various inconveniences and indignities currently imposed on travelers.
Abundance is the way of Source’s creation and scarcity is nothing more than artificially imposed conditions in our third dimensional world where a few wanted to control the rest of humanity and benefit from the slavery scarcity imposes.
All of this is fast coming to an end. There are many irons in the fire and many initiatives underway. Controlling energy is all around us and in all the levels. The work of clearing that energy is in full swing since the success of the coordinated efforts of the solar eclipse and we will soon be experienced freedom for humanity at levels unprecedented in the last twenty five thousand years.
All of this is a precursor to Ascension, where humanity and Earth move into the higher dimensions. These dimensions are closed to duality and to scarcity. Therefore, humanity is presently clearing the restrictions in our path.
Some of humanity will choose to remain in the third dimension but they will also benefit from the clearings currently taking place as all of humanity will soon be free of artificially imposed scarcity, free of duality, and free of self interested rulers who are currently artificially imposing both.
Freedom for humanity…


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