A Doubting Thomas

A friend and fellow Lightworker recently challenged my premise that shifts are happening and we will soon see them manifest in the world of form. This happens all the time with non-believers and I have a stock answer for them. ‘None of this can be proven. I am mystic, not a scientist and I do not deal with proof. If you require proof, get your information elsewhere. Mystics are often more right than scientists since the scientist’s requirement of proof limits their sources and leads to detours and delays whereas the mystics direct connection to Source and to the unseen world is an amazing short cut; so if my stuff resonates, you are welcome to it.’
When it comes to dealing with a fellow Lightworker having a bad day or perhaps a bad few days, the stock answer does not seem appropriate and the communication seems far more complex. At first, all I could think to say was, ‘Having a bad day, my friend?’ I decided to sleep on it and asked for guidance in terms of responding in ways that served the greater good, which of course includes my good and the good of my discouraged Lightworker friend.
I woke this morning with the ‘knowing’ that I was to write my blog about this situation and share what I wrote with my friend.
What is the impact of this doubting Thomas on me? As much as I would like to say otherwise, there is a noticeable impact. Doubt is the opposite of faith and a mystic’s main currency is faith. Lacking faith, I cannot access my sources and cannot stay in oneness. Lacking faith, I default into duality and join the masses looking for proof of things that cannot be proven. This is the main currency of the illusion foisted upon humanity by the ruling elite. They are well aware that proof is a fool’s game played by fools. The ruling elite do not deal with proof; instead they work in the creative levels of the third and fourth dimensions and create what they want to see.
That is the mechanism by which they have so long maintained control. By requiring proof of others, the ruling elite paralyse them in never ending loops and in the nuts and bolts of the scientific method while the ruling elite operate at the creative level and set humanity’s timelines, thereby creating humanity’s future.
Lightworkers are breaking this pattern and bypassing the artificial requirement for proof by going directly to the creative level themselves. This is the level of meditation and the coordinated efforts of Lightworkers during the solar eclipse of May 20/21 allowed our ET allies to begin dismantling the ruling elite’s illusion.
I have no proof of this and oneness is not yet being manifest in the world of form but as a mystic, I can easily access Source and my guides and each time I do, I get verification that we are on the right track and making great progress.
Basically, that is my message to my friend. Keep the faith. Stay in contact with your guides and with your access to Source. Keep following your guidance and keep doing what they guide you to do. That is the pathway to all you hold dear. That is the pathway to manifesting your mission and to living the life you came to live.
Each time you default into doubt and into a requirement for proof, you place road blocks in your path and roadblocks in humanity’s pathway to freedom. Each time you share those doubts with others and each time you ask for proof, you have one foot in duality and are working on behalf of duality.
Lightworkers will prevail this time. Despite countless failed attempts over the ages, we are at the cusp of a tipping point. This tipping point is the destruction of duality and the rebirth of oneness here in the third dimension. Keep the faith, my dear. Keep the faith.
Freedom for humanity…

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