The Unawakened Masses

I trust my experience above all else and since the eclipse on May 20/21, my experience has been of a major shift here on planet earth and within humanity. Collectively, we have busted the systems holding the ruling elite’s illusion in place and humanity’s timeline is now firmly in the hands of Lightworkers. My blogs over the last couple of weeks reflect all of this.
Humanity is now poised at the tipping point where the dominoes fall. What is keeping the dominoes standing is no longer in the control of the ruling elite. Their time is past and in one report, their rule is over and the major players have already been arrested and deported off world to be face trial and to serve the rest of this lifetime in quarantine from humanity and unable to continue their negative influences. What is keeping the dominoes standing is the huge gap between the awakened and the unawakened.
The awakened are the Lightworkers across a broad spectrum. Ranging from those on the front lines, dealing directly with our ET supporters, with planning the transition, and with the negotiations for implementing these plans; to those who know something is rotten in the state of Denmark (e.g. our beautiful planet) and want and will welcome change. If you are still reading this blog, you are part of this awakened group which is a large enough group to defeat the ruling elite and set a beautiful and beneficial timeline for humanity but it is still a very small fraction compared to the unawakened masses.
The unawakened masses still live in the well crafted illusion created by the ruling elite. That illusion is all about scarcity and fear. Scarcity that creates our economy and has most of us working long hours to pay the bills and chase after success as defined by the illusion and has our tax dollars and third world economies working overtime to make the ruling elite richer and continue the growing gap between the haves and the have nots. Fear that we live in a hostile universe fueled by countless movies about hostile aliens and a decades old moratorium on the very existence of helping extraterrestrials.
This is understandable when stepping into the ruling elites shoes. The helping extraterrestrials were and are the ruling elite’s mortal enemies. The helping ET’s agenda is one of freedom and individual sovereignty which cannot coexist with the ruling elite’s agenda of duality and two classes of people based on scarcity. Thus the ruling elite’s ongoing efforts to create fear of ETs in the unawakened masses.
This fear of ETs is what is presently holding up the ruling elite’s dominoes of duality. Given the unawakened masses worldview, based on undiscerning acceptance of the ruling elite’s propaganda, disclosure would be viewed as an alien invasion and the masses would be thrown into panic, with the potential of anarchy and rising to bear arms. In truth, the helping ETs have long been behind the scenes and are here to support humanity as we move toward freedom and Ascension; however, the unawakened masses have no frame of reference from which to accept this as truth and the voice of the awakened ones is still to them a faint whisper of better days to come.
That is what is keeping the duality dominoes in place. The ruling elite have gone down fighting and although they failed to take humanity and the planet with them into the dark, they have succeeded in keeping the great majority of humanity in the dark about what is truly happening and about the timeline upon which humanity is now firmly embarked. This timeline is one of abundance for all and individual sovereignty. The trick now is to inform the unawakened masses and bring about the massive shifts soon to come in ways that gain popular acceptance and prevent mass panic.
In one report, Obama plays a major role in this transition, going public with the Lightworker’s agenda and providing a high profile bridge between what has been and what is to come. The differences are literally night (darkness and illusion) and day (Lightworkers). Duality and its supporting systems disappear while oneness rises from the unseen and becomes our way of life.
Debt and taxation disappear to be replaced with abundance technologies (see recent blog titled Abundance Technologies). Governance shifts to agendas of the Light such as abundance and individual sovereignty and will soon fade to guidance as each individual becomes sovereign. This is a huge transition and one that will not happen overnight. It is so huge that the dominoes are still being left standing waiting an education of the unawakened masses.
It boggles the mind and I offer my services in whatever way I am guided to contribute.
Freedom for humanity…


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One Response to The Unawakened Masses

  1. You are in the process of a giant evolutionary process. Nothing is the same as it has been nor will it be again, so as the unawakened keep promoting the pushing of more cards into the many third dimensional houses of cards, there will be disappointment and frustration because the energy is no longer there to support or manifest that which is finished. It is extremely important that you recognize and accept that truth if you have chosen to move forward.

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