The Transit of Venus

In physical terms, the transit of Venus is the alignment of the Sun, Venus and Earth. Because Venus is between the Sun and the Earth we observe this alignment as the small dot of Venus crossing across the much larger surface of the Sun. It takes about seven hours for the transit to be complete, for the dot of Venus to travel across the surface of the Sun, in this case entering at around the seven o’clock position and exiting around the four o’clock position. Transits occur in pairs eight years apart and this is the second half of the pair that began with the June 8, 2004 transit. Over a century elapses between pairs of transits.
Energetically, these transits are associated with tremendous influxes of Light based energies. Venus has already ascended and is home for life forms in the higher dimensions and especially the Divine feminine or Goddess energy. Human Lightworkers are learning to cooperatively dial into these energies and a mass meditation to welcome balancing feminine energy is being carried out globally to coincide with the midpoint of the transit when the Sun, Venus and Earth are in exact alignment. This occurs around 7.30 this evening Calgary time (MST). I plan to take part in this meditation.
In June of 2004, I began to put priority on my spiritual development. I was unaware of the transit of Venus at that time as it did not make it onto my personal radar screen, but I am getting confirmation that the energies of that transit were influential in my personal choice made a week or two after the transit to dedicate time and resources to my spiritual development.
These eight years have seen tremendous shifts. My life has gone from largely secular pursuits with a little dabbling in spiritual issues to full dedication to spiritual pursuits. Energetically, I have become much attuned to incoming energies and these last few days have been what I call ‘very energetic’. This means that a great deal of energy is being beamed my way and I go into a practically dormant state with lots of sleeping and meditation time as I assimilate the energies and adjust at the various levels of my being. I am fortunate to be able to devote my time and energy to these activities as I do not work and have few outside calls on my time and resources. My guides and these energies are always flexible/ cooperative and I have managed to schedule in two major family events and a lengthy luncheon meeting with a friend interested in his own spiritual development. Aside from that, my life has been one of sleep, meditation and inactivity as I assimilate the incoming energies.
At the level of knowing, a deep intuitive level, the transit of Venus is an important contributor to the ongoing activity of ousting the ruling elite from power and ending duality here in our shared reality on planet Earth. Duality is all about dominant male energy and the Divine feminine or Goddess energy has been fought and resisted since Earth became part of conquered territory around 25,000 years ago. Duality became our shared experience as male energy became dominant. The Divine feminine was persecuted at every opportunity and the balance of oneness was replaced by the imbalance of duality where disputes are decided by force.
Ending duality began a final phase with the solar eclipse of May 20/21. Tremendous progress has been made energetically and duality is no longer a factor at the level of creation for our shared reality here on Earth. The ruling elite, who depend on duality for their power and influence, are no longer an important impediment as they have been ousted and now sit on the sidelines. Humanity has taken back their power and oneness is returning. Oneness requires the Divine feminine, the Goddess energy to balance the masculine energy that dominates during duality. The Divine feminine is all about love, compassion, healing, nurturing and connecting to Source. That is the energy of the transit of Venus. That is the energy being beamed our way and being made available to all of humanity. As humanity soaks up this energy, it balances the male energy and duality is no longer a possibility. Humanity returns to balance and oneness is a natural result of balance.
Freedom for humanity…


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