6-6-12 and Honouring Divine Guidance

Today is 6-6-12 and it is a powerful day energetically. The transit of Venus is complete and humanity is flooded with Divine feminine energy, also called Goddess energy. Humanity’s timeline is firmly in the control of Light based agendas bringing oneness to humanity and ending the rule of duality and those serving duality agendas.
The natural way of evolution is to follow oneness and oneness is imprinted in the codes carried by space, Source’s way of connecting all things and guiding all life forms on their evolutionary path. Experiments with duality require intervention and consciously overriding this Divine guidance. Earth and humanity took this detour and it resulted in what we know as the Fall and the destruction of Atlantis.
With the help of off world masters aligned with a dark creator god, humanity was taken down a detour of duality and various overrides were installed to keep humanity semi-conscious and give duality the upper hand in humanity’s shared reality. DNA was re-engineered, various tears were made in dimensional membranes to allow dark influences, and force was permitted allowing the fragmentation of Light based entities and initiatives aimed at restoring oneness.
One of the targets of the various energy streams beamed earthward is to set the stage to reverse these various platforms for duality, e.g. repair our DNA and other damaged DNA resulting in extinctions of one form or another, repair the dimensional tears and escort dark entities out of the earth dimensions, and reassemble the fragments of Light based entities which includes many present day Lightworkers as we return to wholeness by gathering together our far flung fragments.
I do not pretend to understand all of this as I am living a third dimensional life and have been subject, by choice and agreement, to all of these duality experiments. I can feel the power of oneness returning to me and feel myself regaining wholeness as various fragments of my soul and my Spirit are reassembling. The main tool for me has been surrender. Six years ago, during a meditation retreat, I made the choice to surrender to Divinity and to spend the rest of this lifetime giving priority to the guidance that flows from within; knowing this guidance is connected to Source and results in serving the greater good.
Aside from one detour that lasted about three months, I have lived a surrendered life and followed my inner guidance since that choice point six years ago. This has allowed me to return to a path of oneness and transcend the duality experiment taking place within me and all around me. No longer could I be manipulated by forces of duality. I became aware and I became sovereign. Fragmented parts began returning and integrating with the whole and duality’s attempts to take me on detours began to fall away. I began to take back my power and began to resist the various temptations to take detours.
I did all of this without a guru of any kind. I did all of this by surrendering to Divinity and by honouring the guidance that flows from within. This same guidance is part of each and every human being. What I have done others can do. What I have done is a simple matter of following my guidance. Simple is not the same as easy and what I have done has often been very difficult, with many doubts and temptations along the way.
I am not alone in following this same or a similar path. The entire Lightworking community is filled with people traveling this path. Some are steadfast, others waver and some are on big time detours of one form or another. Helping all of humanity are the various energies being beamed our way. For example, 6-6-12 is a portal for oneness.
In the big picture, humanity cannot fail. Years ago, during the harmonic convergence, we crossed the threshold of failure. Since then, humanity has moved ever closer to regaining oneness and ever closer to resuming our evolutionary path. The energies being beamed our way will not allow us to fail. Each burst of energy is specifically designed for what we need in the moment and progress is made by increments. All of this is Divinely inspired and Divinely orchestrated.
I just do my part and invite others to follow my example of placing my highest priority on the Divine guidance that flows from within.
Freedom for humanity…


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