Co-Creating a Beautiful Future

A great piece came from the Ashtar Command on 6-6-12. The basic message is that each of us is creating our future and collectively we create the timeline that becomes our shared future. If you want to read the message, here is the link:
Part of the message was encouragement to share our knowledge and experience so others can join in the fun and become co-creators in the beautiful future being created by humanity. For thousands of years a small group of humanity has co-opted this creative choice and manipulated the rest of us into going along with what they chose. This group was completely self-interested and created a timeline of scarcity and exploitation where the masses were subjugated to their will. Humanity has collectively risen up and taken back their power with the help of the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation of Light (more info is available on pieces written March 24 and 25) and humanity is now co-creating a timeline based on abundance and individual sovereignty.
Anyone who chooses can participate and become a co-creator of humanity’s shared timeline. I have been on this path for eight years and been a co-creator for the last six. Here is how I do it:
Step one is to make my own choices about what I want to experience. This step can be as long and involved as I wish or as short and sweet as putting ‘What is it I wish to experience?’ at the top of page and letting it flow from there. In my experience, this question and its answer is not a static thing but continues to evolve as more and more information comes to light.
It is important to have an answer to this question because creating without knowing where you want to go is like driving blindfolded. It will be a very unsatisfying experience. It is also important that what you target to create serves the Light. I have some checks and balances that I use. Does what I wish to experience serve the greater good? Does what I wish to experience honor the free will and individual sovereignty of everyone it affects?
Step one for me includes the setting of intentions. Given that I want to experience all these things, I hereby take the intention of creating that experience. Setting intentions is a powerful process and causes creative forces to align that will lead unerringly to whatever I intend.
It is now time for step two. Once my intentions are set, I surrender it all back to the universe, back to Source and tune into my inner guidance systems. The creative work is done and what is left for me to do is to follow the guidance given me as the universe (Source) manifests my intention into reality. Following my inner guidance is my highest priority in this phase, and this phase takes time, especially in the third dimension.
Following my inner guidance is essential for manifesting intentions. When I was ego driven, this was very difficult for me to do and a constant stream of doubt and excuses was generated, often resulting in overriding my inner guidance. That ended about six years ago when I chose to make following my inner guidance my highest priority. For the last six year, aside from a three month detour, I have followed my inner guidance and moved ever closer to the timeline of my choice. That timeline has shifted and been modified many times but the process remains the same.
As a summary, I decide what I want to create and check to make sure what I want will serve others and serve humanity. I set appropriate intentions and then surrender it all back to the universe, back to Source. Then I follow the inner guidance given me, knowing this guidance will take me unerringly toward my intention.
This is the method I have used to target rejoining my completion and my inner guidance was first things first. First do what you came to do, and then your completion will naturally join you. Okay, then let’s get on with doing what I came to do.
This is the method I have used to target pioneering rejuvenation. This is the method I have used to target ousting of the ruling elite. This is the method I have used to target freedom for humanity. Those are the things I came to do.
Freedom for humanity…


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