Surrender of the Ruling Elite

This entire spring has been about humanity taking back their power. Of course, taking back our power is at the very root of the entire Ascension process as humanity cannot move forward into the higher dimensions without first taking back our power from the self-interested few who have been controlling humanity’s shared third dimensional timeline for the last several thousand years.
Around the spring equinox, I began to get the intuitive ‘knowing’ that it was time to focus on taking back our power by ousting the ruling elite and replacing their self-interested leadership which targeted exploitation and control through scarcity and fear with leadership that targeted service and individual sovereignty through abundance and through Light. In simplest terms, it was the end of the era of duality and the beginning of an era of oneness. What and when had been decided, all that remained was how?
Information began coming to light about a oneness plan to arrest the key members of the ruling elite and their henchmen, perhaps ten thousand in total worldwide, and install temporary governance by Lightworkers. This plan is well developed and completely legal and just waiting the signal to go. Disclosure and abundance technology is waiting in the wings and would begin at the moment of the arrests; and the ruling elite is powerless to prevent this plan due to the overwhelming superiority of humanity’s ET supporters. Cosmic law is followed as humans would be doing all the work. Ah ha, that is the way we are to proceed! That would certainly work.
Toward the end of April, an alternative began making itself known to me. That alternative is an orderly transfer of power. The ruling elite surrender to the Light and the transfer of power becomes an orderly affair involving negotiations and surrender instead of arrests and takeovers. Much more in keeping with methods of the Light. Far more desirable. The exact same plan can be followed but instead of the turmoil of arrests and the fear and uncertainty of a forced ousting of the ruling elite, humanity would experience the voluntary surrender of those currently in power and an orderly transfer from duality into oneness. Motivating surrender is the treat of arrests and the inevitability of these changes taking effect. The ruling elite have lost their power and are no longer in a position to dictate terms. The option of surrender is becoming more and more appealing.
Since learning of the option of an orderly transfer of power, I have held space for it and done whatever was given me to do in terms of advancing that possibility. There is so much to recommend order and peaceful alternatives since they are consistent with Light based methods.
Lightworkers began to make coordinated efforts to dismantle what was left of the ruling elite’s power structure on the etheric and astrals levels of our shared reality during the solar eclipse of May 20/21. This was highly successful and the vestiges of this control structure were dismantled a week later in another coordinated effort. These coordinated efforts continued with the transit of Venus meditation on June 5 where humanity welcomed back energies of the Divine Feminine, also called Goddess energy. By now the ruling elite and their power structure is a mere shadow of its former greatness and they are ready to surrender. Essentially they are powerless and now ready to cooperate. All that is keeping their systems of duality from falling is the Lightworker’s desire for an orderly transfer.
Another coordinated meditation is taking place tomorrow, Sunday June 10. Should you wish to take part, details are available at:
Essentially the meditation connects us to Divine power and we visualize the ruling elite publically surrendering to a oneness based transition governance of Lightworkers. Then humanity welcomes disclosure including beneficial interactions with our ET supporters and the implementation of abundance technologies to begin humanity’s transition into oneness in preparation for Ascension and all that is to follow.
Oh happy day.
Freedom for humanity…


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