Après Surrender

I took part in a group meditation targeting the surrender of the ruling elite and an orderly transfer of power as humanity ends duality and shifts into oneness.
The meditation was quite eventful for me. At first I could not seem to get on track as though the agenda as suggested was simply not available. Then I lapsed into a timeless state and came out of it perhaps 45 minutes later. I know because I returned to time and nearly an hour elapsed in the total meditation. That is when the fun began. I was racked with a series of shudders that shook my entire body. Not unprecedented and much like the shudders that occurred when the ruling elite’s planners were surrendering (see May 7 blog). I was pretty wiped when it all finished and did not do much for the rest of the day. Not wiped in a bad sort of way, just without motivation to do anything much. This was followed by an episode in the wee hours as my take action now signal woke me. I got up and meditated and another shudder took place signaling the end of that meditation and I returned to bed.
I felt a great deal of anticipatory excitement prior to the group meditation going back to when I first heard about it, the day before it was scheduled and had set the intention several times of doing whatever was asked of me that served the greater good and furthered the agenda of an orderly transfer of power/ surrender of the ruling elite. My knowing is that some other members of the elite surrendered during the later part of the meditation. The follow-up meditation was another member of the ruling elite choosing to surrender. Don’t know my role in that process but it seems there is a role for a willing lightworker to act as a conduit of sorts. I asked for more information as I slept and this was confirmed but no additional information was given me.

It really is happening, the ruling elite is really surrendering and an orderly transfer of power is being effected; despite the media being still firmly under the ruling elite’s control as is much of the governing bodies all around the world. I have long said the transition would be through consciousness rather than through a political process and that is how it is happening. Amazing stuff.

I shared some of this with my daughter, home for the evening. She is very much on her own guided path and has a number of spiritual friends. Some are feeling held back and she thought it was the old paradigms and dark based influence. Others are feeling like we both feel, e.g. it is happening, at long last it is happening.

The biggest impediment is no longer the ruling elite, the biggest impediment is the unawakened masses still labouring under the obsolete paradigm as designed and fed to them by the ruling elite and the controlled media. I asked my daughter why the media had not come over to the light and she pointed out that it is filled with people who have long supported the ruling elite’s paradigm and even without the ruling elite enforcing their editorial policies; there is a big fly wheel effect. That sounds true to me.

This morning I noticed several chemtrails in the sky above me in Calgary. What the f??? Oh yah, the ruling elite are still out there and still doing their thing and the flywheel of what they have created and the illusion they have foisted on humanity is still very much in effect.
I told my daughter of a conversation I had with her favorite uncle where I explained chemtrails and the next morning he came to me and said, ‘You know, I thought about chemtrails and I believe they are just vapor trails with different atmospheric conditions. I don’t believe any of your conspiracy stuff.’
Not so long ago, I was in those same shoes. Do I choose to believe I am being lied to and living in an illusion or do I choose to believe the authorities despite evidence right before my very eyes? No one wants to believe they are living a lie; it is such an ugly thought. It was difficult for me to make the transition and even now it is difficult to believe that all our authorities are aligned in supporting the ruling elite’s illusion and perpetuating duality.
That same disbelief and sense of betrayal is going to be the experience of the masses as the ruling elite surrenders and confesses their crimes, as the media shifts and reports from the perspective of oneness, and as abundance technologies and rejuvenation become our everyday experience. I hold the space for all this to occur, and hold that space with love and compassion.
Freedom for humanity…


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