The Surrender Option

I have long know that ousting the ruling elite is not mine to do, that work belongs to someone else or to some other group of people. I have also long known that the ruling elite are standing in the way of what I am to do and that the timeline of my choice includes as a precursor the ousting of the ruling elite. In view of those ‘knowings’ my choice is to volunteer to do whatever is giving me to do in terms of ousting the ruling elite and to fully prepare myself for my true mission which becomes available upon their ousting.
Following the spring solstice, the knowing came that it was time to oust the ruling elite and the mass arrests plan was made know to me. Ever the optimist, I made a time based prediction that the breakthrough would come on or before my birthday on April 3. That date came and went without the breakthrough and I settled in to the mode of holding space for the ousting and of doing whatever was given me to do to further this aim and expedite it on behalf of the Light and on behalf of humanity.
In late April a modification on the mass arrests plan started to make itself known to me. That modification is the surrender of the ruling elite and an orderly transfer of power. I have long been a fan of non-violent methods and believe that how something is done becomes the seed within the foundation of all that something begets. Within this belief system, an orderly transfer of power based on the voluntary surrender of the ruling elite has great merit. Humanity and the new era of oneness is then founded on methods of the Light, on surrender, cooperation, and compassion for those being deposed.
This plan and the timeline it generates has blossomed over the past several weeks and is now a very probable timeline. Humanity is well represented on the teams that are planning the ousting and the transfer of power. These plans include disclosure (introducing our ET supporters), oneness based reporting by the media, and technologies for rejuvenation and abundance. All of these things are humanity’s natural birthright but are currently being prevented by the ruling elite and by their systems supporting duality.
The motivation for the ruling elite’s surrender is based on the mass arrests option which they are powerless to prevent and the ruling elite have been given a deadline of the summer solstice to accept the Light’s terms of surrender. Those terms include public statements of guilt by the ruling elite’s leaders, their pledge to permanently step down and remain uninvolved in terms of world governance, and their surrender of all ill gotten gains back to the people and to the Light to be used for the public’s benefit.
Humanity stepped up their efforts to take back their power with work done during the solar eclipse of May 20/21, a month before the summer solstice and that work has continued with the lunar eclipse on June 4, the transit of Venus on June 5 and the portal energies of 6-6-12. Each of these events was accompanied by Source based transmissions targeting the raising of humanity’s collective consciousness and specific activities by various ET supporters to destroy the ruling elite’s illusion and weaken their connections to non-physical supporters who, like the ruling elite, view earth as their last stronghold. This work was highly successful and the ruling elite are a mere shell of their former power.
Those born to oust the ruling elite are now making themselves known and a key player is a group who call themselves Cobra. They are of Pleiadian origins but born into human bodies of human parents. This is an option available to us all and many of us have our origins in other solar systems and other home planets. Cobra is playing a coordinative function in the work of ousting the ruling elite and has worked closely with our ET supporters which include the Argarthans, our inner world sister civilization who have already ascended into the higher dimensions.
We are a week away from the summer solstice and therefore, the ruling elite has one week in which to make up their mind. I continue to hold space for their public surrender and for an orderly transfer of power on or before the summer solstice. However, I fully support the mass arrests option in the event the ruling elite continues to stonewall as there is much to be done between now and the winter solstice on December 21.
Freedom for humanity…


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