Humanity is close to ousting the ruling elite. How close I cannot say because I do not know. What I do know is that I am to be completely focused on this work. My guidance has been unwavering in this regard. It is not because this is the work I came to do because it is not. It is not because I am a pivotal person in this work because I am not. It is because this is the work that is being done right now. This is the work that is happening and this work has to happen before humanity can move forward into the agendas that I came to do, into the agendas that are my mission.
Being completely focused on something is nothing new to me. That is how I have lived my life and that is how I have succeeded at all I have done. I am not a multitasked although my singular focus has always server multiple objectives. That is something I leave to higher powers. All I concern myself with is what is in my focus and I do the best job I can do in regards to my focus. Most of the time my days have a number of focuses and I go from singular focus to singular focus but right now, I have only one focus and it is all consuming. That does not mean to say I cannot focus on something else because I can and I do. For instance, a friend called with another agenda and we worked through it very successfully, but it was an interlude, a diversion, and as soon as it was done; I returned to the singular focus of ousting the ruling elite.
It also does not mean that I am busy within this focus. As already stated, this is not my work to do so others are carrying the heavy load. I contribute as guided and I am not busy. In fact, these last few days have been low energy days and I have done very little, however; in terms of focus I have been steadfast and unwavering. I get up in the morning focused on this agenda, spend my day with this focus and go to bed focused. I am sleeping a lot; nine plus hours a night and some days include naps. One day saw me nap twice for a total of about four hours of napping. I know my sleep time is contributing to the work I am doing related to my focus. I have no memory of this but I know that to be the case, so I don’t look at sleep as wasted time or even down time. It is all contributing toward achieving my focus.
One of the things I do naturally is hold space. I hold space for any number of things and holding space does not affect my focus. Everything I hold space for is consistent with my overall objectives and consistent with the world I am creating, a world of individual sovereignty, of abundance, and of oneness. I hold space for friends in their efforts to become individually sovereign. I hold space for rejuvenation and for abundance; for friends working on such agendas, for myself, and for humanity as a whole.
Part of my focus is to hold space for the manifestation of what I am focused upon. Since the spring equinox, that has been the ousting of the ruling elite. A month later, toward the end of April, this agenda was expanded to include an orderly transfer of power. Instead of a forced ousting with mass arrests, a timeline of an orderly transfer was shown to me where the ruling elite leaders voluntarily surrender their power, turning it over to Lightworkers and to an agenda of Light including oneness and abundance.
I am well aware that the orderly transfer of power timeline depends on the leaders of the ruling elite to make the free will choice to surrender. That may not be their choice and this timeline then disappears. The motivation to surrender is the mass arrest plan and this plan is waiting in the wings. The priority is for an orderly transfer but humanity cannot allow the ruling elite to stay in power by not surrendering. In one report, the deadline for surrender is the summer solstice.
Deadlines have great power and the summer solstice is less than a week away.
We shall see.
Freedom for humanity…


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One Response to Focused

  1. las artes says:

    Scalar ‘potentials’ can be created artificially and when focused into a weapon, can do major damage to an object’s location in space-time. That which determines the object’s natural pulse of matter and anti-matter cycle can become stressed when targeted by scalar waves made of artificial potentials, because they are almost always absorbed by the nucleus of an atom, not the electrons in orbit. Hyperspace can become warped temporarily, although space-time naturally curves around natural vortexes the earth has which form ‘chakras’ to absorb and release universal energies. These are opened and closed in natural cycles according to the positions of the sun and moon in relation to earth. Because scalar waves are finer than gamma waves they can pass through any physical substance undetected. However the damage inflicted can be so powerful that they can dislodge an object right out of time and space and cause it to temporarily disappear away from its normal movement in time. All objects move in time, and they will also move in space if a physical external force activates the object’s own natural internal scalar waves to point in the direction it is sent to causing it to move from A to B depending on how much force is used. Or they are trapped motionless in space by the internal scalar energy within swirling around interlocking into a deadlock, (making it appear still) however the object still moves in time. A beam of scalar energy can cause the timeframe the object resides in to get warped, making it disappear into another reality.

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