Final Stages of Ousting the Ruling Elite

With the ousting of the ruling elite close at hand a great deal of new information is coming to light. Six years ago when I made the choice to follow my guidance as my highest priority I was an uninformed world citizen suspecting we were not being told the full truth but doubting the very existence of the ruling elite on the basis that someone would have blown the whistle if it were true.
That began to change early in 2007 in a talk with new friends who brought up the subject as though it was common knowledge including a controlled media and danger to anyone speaking the truth. Two years later at the beginning of 2009, I asked my guides to help me unearth the truth and over the next several months, the ugly truth was revealed to me. By now that truth is well known within the Lightworking community but even three years ago, it was a darkly held secret and not for public consumption.
Fear of the ruling elite is in the DNA of every Lightworker. In my past life journeys, I have been shown many premature deaths at the hands of dark agents ending my work targeting to bring light into the world in which I lived. That fear had to be overcome in order to begin writing this blog and six months later, had to overcome again in order to choose to be part of the team ousting the ruling elite at the physical level, right here, right now.
At the level of consciousness, I had long been part of humanity’s liberation team and it is the level of consciousness that ultimately governs. The ruling elite and their dark supporters began losing consciousness battles for humanity’s future in the late 80’s and early 90’s and by the turn of the century, there was no doubt that humanity would be part of Ascension. The extent of the turmoil and obstructive power of the ruling elite remained in doubt as did the fate of that portion of humanity who chooses not to Ascend; however, humanity would have a role in Ascension and be a part of the ascended world.
The work of physically ousting the ruling elite remained dangerous, very dangerous indeed. Recent information reveals that up until the beginning of this year, the ruling elite had access to nuclear weapons by illegally gained access codes and blocked disclosure by threatening to use these codes. This speaks to their ruthlessness and gives a sense of the obstacles in the way of ousting the ruling elite. Physical danger as well as danger to loved ones and family members also presented obstacles, as did the ruling elite’s well funded attempts at misinformation and deception.
Another obstacle has been fragmentation. In a perfect world, I would have access to others working toward the same objective and we could coordinate our attempts, but in the world we have jointly created with the ruling elite and their supporters, consciously coordinated attempts at ousting the ruling elite are few and far between.
Despite all of this, humanity stands on the brink of ousting the ruling elite. How remains in doubt and two major possibilities present themselves. One is mass arrests of the ruling elite and their chief henchmen, by one report some ten thousand or so worldwide. The other uses this possibility for leverage and sees the ruling elite surrender their power to the Lightworkers and an orderly transfer of power then takes place.
I much prefer the orderly transfer option and continue to hold space for this option. Either way, humanity is very close to ousting the ruling elite and taking back their power. Much remains to be done and the Ascension plan has been held hostage by the ruling elite. That is about to change and humanity can then coordinate their Ascension efforts, revealing humanity’s true nature and the true nature of the universe. Oneness and abundance.
Freedom for humanity…


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