First We Take Manhattan

We are close, so close; and I am thankful.
As humanity closes in on the ousting of the ruling elite truth is emerging. The truth is that 26,000 years ago the Earth and humanity was placed in quarantine by ET invaders called the Archons (Greek for rulers) . Their intention was to enslave humanity and they quarantined earth and her inhabitants for the purpose of preventing light based intervention. The Archons then deployed what we know as the veil to keep us in semi-consciousness and control our behaviour and over the years, they have embedded layer upon layer strengthening their veil. Part of the slowness of the ousting is unravelling these layers of the veil on the various levels and dimensions.
Does this mean we have to defeat the Archons in order to take back our freedom, in order to escape their enslavement? As things have evolved over the last couple thousand years, the Archons have mostly left physicality and reside in the non-physical levels of our reality and the ruling elite have become the slave masters. The ruling elite represent the Archons and do their bidding in physicality through various institutions and governing bodies. Targeting the ruling elite is absolutely on target as once the ruling elite is ousted, the Archons influence will soon wane.
Leonard Cohen captured this neatly in his song, First We Take Manhattan. Manhattan is the center for the ruling elite’s financial paradigm of economic slavery. Once the ruling elite is ousted, abundance replaces financial slavery, the media becomes free, and humanity’s consciousness can no longer be kept under wraps. The masses will become awakened, the truth will out and the Archon’s veil will fade away and be no more. The second line in Cohen’s song is and then we take Berlin. Cohen wrote the song when Berlin was a city divided by the Berlin Wall and the cold war raged. In today’s reality, first we oust the ruling elite (take Manhattan) and then we march toward Ascension (take Berlin).
By ousting the ruling elite we bust the Archon’s quarantine. Already our skies are filled with friendly and supportive ETs but the quarantine continues in effect and the physical masters of the quarantine are the ruling elite. By ousting the ruling elite, the quarantine is lifted; both at the level of consciousness where the Light has been winning humanity’s battles for over a decade and at the level of physicality where we remain governed by the ruling elite and subjected to their economic slavery and controlled media. The mass meditations that took place during the solar eclipse of May 20/21 and have continued since have already dismantled large portions of the veil. The veil no longer prevents anything. What is now preventing a breakthrough and humanity’s freedom is the continued presence of the ruling elite. Humanity is essentially stalemated. The ruling elite cannot implement their plans of Armageddon because they are prevented by the Light and Lightworkers cannot implement their plans for raising consciousness and preparing for Ascension because we are prevented by the ruling elite.
This stalemate will end and end soon and there is only one way it will end. It ends with the ousting of the ruling elite. Two major possibilities remain. One is for the ruling elite to surrender to the Light and voluntarily step down. In this case, we all cooperate toward bringing freedom to humanity and ending the quarantine and millennia of slavery. The other possibility is to oust the ruling elite by force. This is the well planned mass arrests scenario, that is waiting in the wings and provides motivation for the surrender option.
Many reports name the summer solstice as the deadline for the surrender of the ruling elite. I am holding space for the ruling elite to surrender to the Light. That begins an orderly transfer of power over to Lightworkers and that begins the implementation of the Lightworker’s plan to bring oneness and abundance to humanity. The deadline is now one day away.
We are close, so close. And I am thankful.
Freedom for humanity…

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